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It is very disappointing to see a large out-of-state company like Young Life come to this corner of Texas and attempt to pollute the Sabinal River in Western Bandera County. No doubt Young Life is an admirable organization. The work they do has touched many people in positive ways. Why then would they want to sully their reputation, make enemies of the people in the community, and betray their mission statement in order to discharge treated sewage into the Sabinal River? One has to wonder that if other entities in the region rely on a land application process to dispose of sewage-Leakey, Camp Wood, HEB Camp, Garner Park, Lost Maples Park, Camp OTX, the summer camps near Hunt, the Baptist Encampment in Rio Frio, La Jita Girls Scout Camp, and Camp Eagle-why can’t Young Life do the same?

Many citizens in Bandera County would welcome Young Life with open arms if they would dispose of their treated sewage in a responsible manner. A Land Application permit with the TCEQ would allow them to use this effluent to irrigate sports fields, hay crops, landscaping, etc. Instead they have filed requests with the Bandera County River Authority for several deep water wells, and they have requested that this water be mixed with treated sewage and allowed to drain ultimately into the Sabinal.

Who do they think they are?

- Greg Walton

Utopia, Texas

Humans have an unfortunate tendency towards what is called “confirmation bias”, which means we put faith in sources of information that support what we already believe. This can prevent us from learning more about a subject, and can lead us to defend our beliefs in a very emotional and self-righteous manner. Please, learn to do a little research! Whenever I hear or read about something controversial, I always google it for more information. Seek reliable and balanced sources that present both sides of an issue, such as Reuters or the Associated Press; or go to the very thorough, which fully explores the claims made by politicians of both parties. You have nothing to fear from information, and you still get to make up your own mind, but possibly with a few more facts at your disposal.

- Susan Hull

Bandera, TX