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It is very disheartening to see that over 20 percent of Texans, up to 33 percent, will not get the COVID-19 vaccinations. That means that we will never have herd immunity, and the disease will be In the USA forever (or until all non-vaxxers are dead). It also means that masks and other PPE will be required whenever one leaves one’s home.

In general, the anti-vaxxers care nothing about their friends and neighbors. They also don’t trust the government, which until last month, was headed by The Second Coming. To me, their worst error is not believing science. They are thus hypocrites, because they use the products of scientific research almost every waking minute.

I believe that those who choose not to be vaccinated should suffer penalties as should anyone who deliberately harms others.

To avoid contact with people who aren’t vaccinated means going only to stores and restaurants that require masks. And avoiding towns that have a low vaccination rate.


- Charlene Kaiser, M.D. M.P.H.

Pipe Creek

This afternoon my little girl (OK she’s 23 and doesn’t have the same last name as me but she’s still my little girl) was waiting in line to get gas (long line right after things started thawing out). Anyway, she’s waiting in line at the Shell station in Pipe Creek when a constable pulls up, and goes into the store. A minute or so later, a woman comes out of the store and tells my girl she needs to let him in front of her. So my girl (dang I’m proud of her) politely lets the constable get gas without waiting in line. The constable then went into the store and bought some small item (pack ofgum or cigarettes?). The thought occurred to me that he may have been on important business and needed gas quickly. Him going in to pick up a pack of gum doesn’t look (I may be wrong) like he’s on important business. Then I thought maybe he was about to run out of gas, and he wanted to be ready for an emergency. At thispoint, I start thinking why on earth would this person allow his cruiser to get so low on fuel that he couldn’t wait in line? The thought I had in response to that question is that he must not be very bright to allow that situation to occur. So, my conclusion is that this fella is either not too bright or thinks his time is more important than the time of the people who elected him. In either case, maybe we ought to ask ourselves. “Is it, maybe, a good time to change who is in this position?” My girl said that she thought it was one of the gentlemen whose pictures are on the county website. I’m not going to say which one it was because maybe he genuinely had a good reason for doing that and it just didn’t look good. In one of my previous professions, I was required to avoid the appearance of wrongdoing (even if my behavior was legal). That is one of the reasons we considered ourselves professionals. We held ourselves to a standard above that which was the standard required. If this person considers himself a law enforcement professional, he might think about holding himself to a higher standard. I’m certain that his fellow constables would agree. Because no one despises a dirty cop more than a clean cop. So, this fella doesn’t feel like enforcing the mask mandate (good to have someone so noble making that choice), and he doesn’t feel like he ought to wait in line with the folks who pay his salary. I guess we should just raise a “Hallelujah!” ‘cause it seems like a deity has chosen to live among us once again.

- Martin Cook,