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City servants in a special meeting decided COVID-19 threat is not critical enough to necessitate enforcement to protect the public, but they are concerned enough for their exposure to COVID-19 that they do not allow the public to attend the public meetings. Double Standards? The city officials are not concerned about public safety. If the city’s public servants like the police are not willing to enforce simple rules like wearing a mask, social distancing and crowd restrictions, why do we even need them? They drive around town doing what appears to be nothing; why even have the expense - citizen patrols might be better?

- R. Rodriguez Bandera

For more than 81 million people in the U.S., a dark shadow is lifting. On the 20th of January, President Trump’s regime will be over, gone, finished. Thank goodness.

Donald Trump shouted his lies over and over, and I really get tired of this sort of thing. For example, he kept saying “I won the election,” a reference to the 2020 November election which, by the way, he lost by more than seven million votes.

Trump’s regime has featured great changes. For example, in his complex tax plan, most of the benefits go to corporations and the top one percent of all earners (see Annie Lowrey, “Atlantic” magazine, September 29, 2020).

Of course, Trump lied about this, saying that most of the benefit of his tax plan went to the middle class. His followers believed him when he said this. However, the specialists, the experts in economics, do not agree with the president’s analysis (op cit).

Probably, here and there, Joe Biden will make some mistakes in his policies. No one is perfect. But, Biden does not spout lies all the time. I dislike liars and so, for me, the next four years will be a much brighter day.

- Mike Olive from a small ranch near Bandera, Texas

I write this letter to the Bulletin to advocate for fair and balanced reporting at a time when it’s difficult for reporters to cover both sides of a story - especially political stories given the mass of facts they’re assaulted with on a daily basis.

On January 13, 2021, the Bulletin carried an article about a Bandera resident who “peacefully” attended the January 6, 2021 protest at the U.S. capitol. Without citing her sources, the resident told the reporter she was there because “we deserve fair and honest transparent elections that aren’t manipulated by other countries and evil forces.”

But it was clear long before the 6th of January that the election was fair and honest. At least 86 judges across the United States had already dismissed Trump’s lawsuits alleging voter fraud. Judges appointed by Donald Trump were among them.

The U.S. Supreme Court, including two justices Trump appointed, had also ruled in a unanimous decision by then that his claims of widespread voter fraud were without merit.

The article didn’t mention these legal decisions. However, in the effort to balance the story, it did include a statement from the Director of Strategic Communications for the Texas Democratic Party and a statement from the Bandera resident condemning the violence that occurred during the protest.

But the state and federal legal decisions ruling out fraud in the presidential election clearly showed there was no reason to hold a protest at all a fact that would have certainly added to telling both sides of the story.

- Jodie Sinclair Bandera, Texas