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Letter to the Editor

Election headline considered ‘rude’

I was appalled at the rude headlines in (March 11 edition of the) paper. “Republicans... shun constable.”

Do you know the meaning of the word?

The Honorable Ernest Reich has served this county faithfully and for so many years without a blemish on his record. He has a reputation of going above and beyond the call of duty. We did not shun him.

The headline should have recognized the fact that he only lost the election by 10 votes.

Why would the hometown newspaper choose such a rude and baseless word for the headline on the front page? I believe an apology is in order, both personally and published to Constable Reich and to the people of Bandera County.

Leanne Beauxbeannes


Outbreak calls for resiliency

Bandera’s low population density helps to ward off the coronavirus. Let’s hope it doesn’t invade us from elsewhere.

Another form of adversity is headed our way.

The national economy is in a recession and will plunge into freefall in the coming months.

Bandera is being hit with a double whammy because of our service economy – 1) residents won’t be filling up restaurants and bars until the threat has passed; 2) Winter Texans have an incentive to remain, but otherwise tourism, on which Bandera is so dependent, is likely to dry up to the point of non-existence.

Small businesses have little recourse other than cutting costs by extensive employee layoffs.

Drive-through eateries will have the best chance of staying afloat. Other restaurants are probably busy devising ways to replace meals eaten inside with expedited take-out service with limited contact.

Lowe’s grocery will probably develop new ways to serve its customers without throngs of shoppers in close contact.

Texas should speed up its unemployment services, provide broader coverage and increase payments.

It is imperative that the $2 trillion federal government program receives accelerated bipartisan support to get its benefits on their way quickly so that laid-off workers in Bandera and nationally can pay their bills until they are re hired.

No one knows when this virus will bend downward and whether it will recur. Economists have no idea whether the recovery will be V-shaped or U-shaped.

Bandera County citizens will have to be resilient, and I believe they have proved themselves to be just that.

Bob Garvin


Democrats move to middle applauded

I am proud of the adults among the Democratic presidential candidates who dropped out before the primary so that those of us in the center could support a single candidate.

I am proud of Texans, regardless of party affiliation, who realize that our country needs a steadying hand and a leader who can communicate effectively with those of varying points of view.

If Biden prevails to be the Democratic nominee, we have a chance of returning to the broad and sturdy middle ground instead of having to choose between two extremes that, though opposites, are equally hazardous to our health as a democracy.

Susan Hull