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November 08, 2023 - 00:00

Yep, after all the in-fighting, accusations, charges and no contest pleas we have a new GRAND OLD PARTY for Bandera.

Well, they just need to drop the GRAND part According to a Bandera Bulletin Nov. 1st Article: On Oct. 12th. for the first time, the new party met behind closed doors.

They passed out no public agenda, the new Chairperson didn't even show up.

Party officials issued no public comment; claiming they didn't have to because they are a 'private organization' and not obligated to be transparent or obligated to have open meetings or follow open records regulations. I don't know if there are State or Federal Laws or National GOP By-Laws regulating such, but I sure hope legal minds are looking into those claims.

So, according to our Bandera GOP Officials, no one, even their fellow Republicans have a right to know, what they discussed, who the Bandera GOP officers are or how they were selected. At press time there was nothing on their Website and looking at their website I see no way to tell who their officers are.

Their invite on their website is interesting. 'Join Us, Everyone Can Help'. Seems like a joke to me.

There were rumors during the in-fighting that the new people were just a bunch of liberals in disguise who were out to take over and destroy the Bandera GOP from within. If true or not, the new people are off to a good start and the old people are letting them do it.

This action by the Bandera GOP does not represent the values of the Republican Party or America.

As a Life-Time Republican, I am ashamed of the actions of the Bandera GOP in this matter.

I commend Bandera County Sheriff candidate Josh Tiete for his courtesy of making handouts available and staying after the meeting to answer questions.

I was not present at the meeting; I made my comments based on the Bulletin's Article.

Their next meeting is Thurs-Nov. 9 at 7 PM at the BEC Meeting Room.

Should GOP Supporters even bother?

John Schuetze Bandera, Texas