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Fellow citizens of Bandera, I hope you will join me in doing everything we can to prevent construction of a large (1000+ acres) solar “farm” just a few miles outside town on FM 3240.

The most immediate step we can take is to persuade the BISD Board of Trustees to change their decision to support a tax break for the solar company. I’m sure the Board didn’t realize at the time what a bad decision they were making, since they didn’t have all the facts at their disposal.

As we learned at the public meeting held by the solar company, the facts look good only when you can’t see all of them. The picture presented by the company representatives is rosy because they only presented one side of it. To look deeper, I urge you to visit, an impressive website that clearly lays out more of the details of this situation. Some Banderans have put forth a great deal of effort to describe the threat that this business venture presents to us and our community.

This issue is not about politics or the pros and cons of solar energy. It is about the impact of this specific project on our community, where the benefits to anyone but the solar company are very hard to find. For example, when asked why they picked the location they did, the representatives basically said it would cost more to build farther out of town. Their goal is to maximize profits, and Bandera be damned.

It is my understanding that if the school board withdraws its support for the tax break that the company has requested, the company may look for another place to build, as has happened in several other Texas communities who resisted the invasion.

Please send a letter to the BISD Board of Trustees at PO Box 727, Bandera, 78003. Your letter does not have to be long: you might tell them you appreciate all their hard work and hope that they will see their way to changing their mind in order to keep our community safe from this destructive, and unnecessary, corporate money-making project.

Susan Hull