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Welcome, Comrade Texans

November 17, 2021 - 05:00
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Good morning and welcome to the Bandera County socialist retaining camp for citizens. I will be training you for the next two weeks on what will be expected of you from your new socialist party formerly called the United States of America now referred to as the citizens united country.

I want to congratulate you for allowing this to happen. It has taken hundreds of years and hundreds of thousands of lives, but you have finally seen the light and accepted socialism.

The first thing I want to say is that your government has accepted socialism and unanimously voted to revoke the Constitution of the United States of American and adopt a socialist manifesto. This will ultimately be for your good.

To start with I want to go over some new rules which I am sure you will be happy with. You will immediately turn in all weapons because there is no need for them. Your ruling class will protect you. All courts will now be run by the ruling class in your county. They will ensure you receive fair treatment.

Effective immediately all property ownership will be transferred to the State. You will be assigned work tasks that are fair and equitable by your ruling class. All voting will cease since the ruling class will care for all your needs. You will have no worries, we will care for all your needs, food, water, medical and so on. Your Party ruling class will ensure you stay healthy so you can achieve your work quotas. These quotas will be fair and metered out by age.

Oh, you ask about the elderly who can no longer work. We will decide when it will be appropriate to move them to transition camps to help them prepare for the afterlife. The State will take care of everything. Their passing will be painless and swift. It is the way of the new order which you will learn to embrace and love.

You will follow all laws and rules of the ruling class without question. For those that do not the State will promptly move them to retraining camps and if that process fails, we will move them to termination camps for their good and the good of society.

Wait a minute did I just wake up from a nightmare? Did you? Can this happen here? I will assure you it can. It has happened in numerous countries throughout the world. Because the leaders and the citizens of those countries became complacent and looked the other way and that’s all it took for evil aka socialism to creep in.

Socialism is like a slow growing cancer that is ever present. To keep it at bay you must be ever vigilant and watchful. You must stand guard of this precious gift that we have been given called freedom.

In November the citizens of Bandera County dropped the ball. Voter turnout was terrible. This has allowed the cancer called socialism to grow stronger in your County.

To compound this lack of judgement several of your key senior elected officials in Bandera County did not vote either. These individuals are supposed to provide a moral compass to the County. They failed you, this State, this Country but more importantly they failed the thousands that died to give us this precious gift.

It is not to late to reverse this grievous error in judgement. In 2022 you will have the opportunity to go to the polls not less than four times. That’s right you get to exercise your right to vote at least four times. Let’s get it right and do our County, State and Country proud and kick socialism right where it hurts.

If you have looked at the stars this last week you should have been able to see multiple planets closely aligned with our moon. I would like to think that this is an omen from God telling conservatives to get off our backside and get in the fight.

Conrad Streigl is the Bandera County GOP Secretary and Bandera County Precinct Chair 102. He resides in Pipe Creek.