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Regarding the letter last week accusing me of using “Goebbels” methods to tell a lie over and over until the public takes it as truth....Let me suggest the writer of that missive hold up a mirror and see who is telling the “big lie” over and over again. That big lie is that Donald Trump won the election. He did not. In the blizzard of verbosity in that attack letter, there is little truth. The Committee Hearings are providing evidence of what took place on January 6th, and what led up to the violence. The Hearings are steeped in law. Persons who break that law by lying under oath will and should be persecuted. We are a nation and a people of laws and civility. No amount of false charges made with no factual;background can undermine that. I might add that contrary to the suggestion in that letter, almost all of the witnesses giving testimony are REPUBLICANS. ...most high in the Trump administration. I. stand by everything I wrote, and repeated, in my column. There is only one truth and readers need to think through which of the writers is telling that truth. Our democracy depends on it.

Gary Moore

Utopia, Texas