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Murder, Voting and Guns: a Liberal’s Road to Success

October 27, 2021 - 05:00
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Strange title. You are going to have to bear with me with this article because it will cover multiple subjects on controversial issues which I will try and tie together.

How does voting, murder and guns relate?

Early voting in Texas ran from 18-29 Oct with election day on 2 Nov. There were eight constitutional amendments on the ballot and one BISD place. Voting in Bandera County and I would suspect Texas was poorly attended. Keep that in mind.

So how does this tie to murder and guns?

If you watch the national news, you would have observed that Alec Baldwin the actor shot and killed a member of the film crew while filing in Arizona with a prop gun that was supposed to be loaded with blanks-it had real bullets in it. He was horrified and everyone was sorry and on and on. Baldwin is one of the liberal Hollywood insiders that makes their living making violent gun laden movies and then have the nerve to speak out against gun ownership for the average American citizen. They sell violence, hatred, and a rampant dislike for their country. They want to reduce law enforcement to nothing because they have the better plan. They push this perverse attitude through the Halls of Congress and in classrooms all over America. Who was supposed to check the weapon that Baldwin used? Gun safety 101 states that it is the users and only the user’s responsibility to safe his weapon. They will end up blaming the prop crew are the set safety guy and probably charge them with a crime. Its Ok for them to have weapons and use them when they have proven they know nothing of guns. Most of their movies depict firearms incorrectly or completely wrong when they employ them. So, they try and speak on a subject they have proven time and time again that they know nothing about. This is also true for many of the other socialist issues they push. They live in a fantasy land that does not exist in the real world and are too ignorant to realize this.

I put this question to you. If all of Hollywood were to disappear tomorrow what would the impact be? Most likely none. If all farmers and ranchers were to disappear tomorrow what would the impact be? Mass starvation and famine, hundreds of millions would die. So, using their own socialist rules and logic who should we keep? Baldwin murdered, but that’s ok because he is of Hollywood’s elite. Guns are evil but I use evil to make money and get my point across, so that OK. I make the rules because that’s what socialists do and have always done.

Will the liberal’s agenda that is pushed by Hollywood protect you and your family from murder or rape? No. But you are not important you are but a slave to their master plan for a socialist world domination. So how does voting enter this sewer of intrigue, violence, murder? How where liberals able to achieve so much power and influence?

This did not happen overnight they have been out there working since right after WWII. Yes, that’s when Hollywood started its downhill slide.

Slowly, gradually they have worked to put policies and procedures in place that corrupt the minds of the children of America and what better method than social media and movies. The youth of American are being brain washed and corrupted and we are standing by and letting this happen. The Wolf is at your door. What to do? Hollywood, California, and many of this great Countries large cities got to the sorry state they are in because we did not protect our voting rights, we did not ensure voting systems were free of corruption, we did not religiously vote, we did not get involved because we were too busy, because we did not pay attention. If the United States is to continue to survive and prosper and exist in its present form, she needs you. Not just every now and then but all day every day. You say but I don’t have the time. My reply, what is the alternative.

As citizens of Bandera County, we live a good life mostly free of crime and corruption. But if you have paid attention over the last four years you should have noticed the massive movement into your County from urban areas. With this movement more and more crime and the liberalization of your School District. They have already taken every large city in Texas. They are coming for you next. I for one am not going to roll over and quit. We need to stop this liberal migration into our County. Get involved. Don’t let this poorly attended current voting session be repeated. Vote every time, all the time. I have painted an ugly picture but, I challenge you to answer the call so that we can defeat this threat as well.

As I close, I want you to know that I personally depend on you every day. Your County, your State and yes, your Country depend on you. Do not let them down.

Conrad Striegl is the Bandera County GOP Secretary and Bandera County Precinct Chair 102. He resides in Pipe Creek.