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April 13, 2022 - 05:00
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A request to whatever yahoo city slickers decided to have a bike race without telling the residents of this county:

If you do this nonsense again, can you bother to put up signs for a week or so before with the times that you will close the only road to Boerne? Some of us have to work for a living, and some of us work in tax preparation and have clients desperate for their tax returns to be finished. I heard tale later in the day that there was a notice on Facebook, but this is the country, not everyone out here uses social media.

Also, could you know how long the road will be closed for next time? There are these things called cell phones and satellites that might give you an idea. When I ask how long the road will be closed for, the answer should not be “we don’t know.”

Also, could you hire people who aren’t jerk faces? I don’t know where the people who were enforcing the road closure and directing traffic were from, but they weren’t from around here. No one at the Sheriff’s office would have talked to me the way that they did.

The fiasco today at Hwy 16 and 46 was completely unacceptable. I had to drive all the way to Center Point to go to Boerne. The way it stands now, I don’t want any more bike races in this county. Y’all can go have your bike race somewhere else if you’re going to treat the people who live here like they don’t matter.

Tonya M Payne

Pipe Creek