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February 16, 2022 - 05:00
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Thank you, Mike Stiborik and the community volunteers who recently picked up 110 bags of trash from our Bandera county roadsides. And thank you, Evelyn Snyder, for your letter to the editor urging county commissioners not to abandon plans for a recycling program. There is growing sentiment throughout the county that enough is enough and in this case I’m referring to Bandera’s roadside trash problem. We can each do our part individually but as a focused community with spokespersons like Mike and Evelyn and a semi-truckload of volunteers and conscientious businesses and local organizations, Bandera county can conquer the roadside trash problem and make responsible recycling a reality.

Trumpish Republicans think Democrats stole the 2020 presidential election. But, they never give any hard evidence for this. Non, zippo, zilch. (see: The Brennan Center For Justice, New York University. The law school there has good details on the 2020 election.)

Ever since Trump's mob assault on the White House, there is a feeling of great pressure in the air. Look around. Nowdays, Republicans have to swallow Donald Trump's garbage (ie, his lies) hook, line and sinker. And, If you don't have much power, then, you must become a parrot: i.e, "The 2020 election was not legitimate. We was robbed!"

That's it. Donald Trump doesn't like discussion and so, arguments are not allowed.

Well, heck. If Republicans don't allow arguments, where's the fun in the whole thing? Some Republicans like to have fun. Those guys will probably go rogue: they will discuss things like, telling the truth and, laughing at misfortune. Eventually, they will probably laugh at the "Trump is God" cult. These Republicans will, in the long run, become independents voters.

Politics. What can you say? You either cuss or, laugh. Life is like that.

Mike Olive

This is the third year I’ve have the opportunity to thank all of the folk’s that came out to help with the Christmas display on the Court House lawn. This year was different than the past a new group has been formed to help with Christmas and other activities in the county for all of the groups/510c3 that put on the events. This group is known as BCAG (BANDERA COMMUNITY ACTION GROUP).

This year not only the Courthouse but part of the City’s river park was decorated by the group. For the first time 12 groups/churches /business put displays. Not bad for the 1st attempt. We also had Christmas carols and music groups at both courthouse and river park. The BANDERA 4-H shotgun team took in over $1700.00 in donations. Next year we’re hoping more groups can participate.

The BCAG is trying to help the community and we hope it will grow.

Thanks to all that helped, BANDERA 4H Pipe Creek 4H and 4H parents, Boys & Girls club, Bandera Chamber of Commerce, BANDERA CVB, B B A, Knights of Columbus, BANDERA County Juvenile Probations ,and several churches. BANDERA county for use of courthouse lawn, City of BANDERA for use of city park, bucket truck, and employees, BANDERA EDC for light’s and displays and of course Chip Aragones for the lights on the courthouse

Also want to give a special thanks to The Dough Joe and Five Points for donated pizzas, and Partners Bank for bottles of drinking water.

Keep up the good work. THANKS YA’LL