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Donald Trump is using his connections to deprive Liz Cheney of her position in Congress. He is doing this because she insists on telling the truth, i.e, that the November election of 2020 was won by the Democrats in a fair and honest manner.

Trump inherited millions. Apparently, he thinks this makes him special. For example, he thinks he can tell lies and, that’s ok. When he lost the election by 7 million votes, Trump just couldn’t handle this loss. So, his Big Lie is, simply, that he won the election.

Now days, in the Republican party, you have to agree to support Trump’s Big Lie. Well, at least in public, you have to support him. And march around like a good robot and say, “Republicans won the election in a landslide!”

In my opinion, it is madness to support an obvious, giant lie. The world is not flat, for example. It is round. Our nation works a lot better if we tell the truth. We need an honest Republican party. Sure, correct, over the years, both parties have told lies. But, really, lying is a stupid habit.

We should stand tall and tell the truth.

- Mike Olive

Bandera, Texas