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From John Brooks Parker

September 14, 2022 - 00:00
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In contrast to the President, the local Democrat ics have moderated their rhetoric recently, perhaps in embarrassment for the outrageously indefensible speech and events that have occurred on the national scene. While they're still moaning that Bandera won't follow suit, what seems to have changed in their narrative amounts to a preemptive strike forecasting the illusion of a future apocalyptic reaction from the Right directed at the hypocrisy of the oft-repeated mantra: “No one is above the Law”. All of us should agree with the principle, but it's only words if practice doesn't align with the preaching. Do they think we have forgotten who pushed the Defund the Police movement? Most of us dared hope we were long past the history of the power elites manipulating the “Law” for their own purposes. While honest hardworking and self-governing folks were laboring under the understanding that we were building the American Dream for our families, self-indulgent, entitled, unprincipled elitists have constructed a system that protects only their interests. It's not that the Constitution and Bill of Rights don't still exist. Approximate versions of them exist on paper in completely tot a l it a r ian countries. Our common problem is that they are routinely ignored, especially in critically important districts where one-party rule has become the norm. We ought question one's dedication to the Constitution and democracy when they vigorously threaten and undermine the credibility of the Supreme Court and seek to pack it with ideologues. With certainty, one-party rule was what the President was calling for with his divisive attacks despite all the patriotic backdrop. Our United States of America has become overwhelmed by coffee-slurping desk pilots whose main functions are to support the Democrat party and dispense or withold privilege in the form of our tax money. Look no further for understanding the inflation crisis, “race to the bottom” in education and the erosion of the “rule of law”, which has turned many left-ruled zones into killing fields. Their exercise of prosecutorial discretion, disregarding “No one is above the Law”, prevents its long arm from impacting favored constituencies.

There is a tendancy among the bureaucracy a very predictable modus operandi. No sooner does the bureaucrat attain a position than he lobbies for a budget increase and begins to add underlings to his staff to do any real work that might show up and to take responsibility when things go wrong. This can happen in the private sector, but the performance ethic of the competitive market and the merger and acquisition housecleanings that predictably recur keeps it at a reasonable level. Gerrymandering, allowing community organizers to tamper with the rules and keeping voting districts small and controllable are the key to longevity in politics as is tenure in higher education and civil service union featherbedding in our bureaucracies. Such are the only explanation for the country having to permanently tolerate the likes of politicians who seek out small homogeneous districts to rule or Joe Biden, who until recently represented less than a million people.

Historically, the bureaucracy reacts with overwhelmingly coordinated ferocity when their rice bowl is threatened, as evidenced by the multi-year persecution of Donald Trump that started even before he was first elected and shows no sign of ending soon despite the proven fraudulent genesis. Only the prosecutorial discretion of the toady attorney general and the impotence of the Republican Congress is lacking for regimental size perpwalks. While I was not an early supporter of DJT; I now begin to believe that he may be one of a very few with the fortitude and the staying power to confront the obvious evils of the bureacracy... obvious at least to those of us who are not a part of self-serving governance, education, grant parasite NGO or political bureacracy that fears more than anything the prospect of having to do real work that carries with it the obligation for favorable results and responsibility for unintended consequences. With no expectation that anyone cares, I, along with a lot of friends no longer here put on a uniform and took the same oath the President did but unlike him, followed it up with risk to our lives and deeply resent being stereotyped as cult followers, fascists, or semi-fascists, whatever those are. Maybe the Big Guy was referring to the courageous semi tractor trailer rig drivers who have dared to protest against his top down oppressive diktats. Actual fascism is a form of socialist government by a dominant central authority with dictatorial powers energetically enforced over private business and persons... pretty much what the Left specializes in...but they are unbothered by fact with their constant spewing of outrageous lies.

Does the Presidential decree waiving student indebtedness follow the Constitutional requirement that all budget bills originate in the House? In contrast, the Right generally espouses government as local as possible for accountability, with legislation written simply and understandable by all citizens. Most of us on the Right are fairly well grounded in spiritual matters and hardly need those obsessed with open disregard of the laws of civilzation, population reduction through the killing and castration of children, sodomy and gender confusion to worry us about the condition of our souls. Let's all stipulate to the fact that the people the economy really needs and cannot do without to improve our standard of living are those who proudly put in the effort to produce a product or service that the rest of us value, not the professional critic or distant regulator of commerce. Unlike the permanently comfortable bureaucrat, these bulwarks of our civilization must be fast on their feet to constantly improve their skills to remain relevant and are at the bottom of the pecking order for government largesse. We are fast approaching a condition where our society is top-heavy with those who dwell in ivory towers, if not there already. Simply put, our problem is too much government control and as anyone knows, what you subsidize; you get more of.

John Brooks Parker, Bandera, Texas