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I want your water and to hell with you: Part 2

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Here we are for part two. I hope you enjoyed part one and the article gave you pause to think. Your old deplorable will now go directly to the meat of this article as I said I would.

So, we now understand the large urban areas triad for growth and their plan to achieve this growth. As I said the long pole in the tent is YOU. What has happened in the last three or four years to make me make such an outlandish statement? About 3 years ago a large metropolitan city backed organization tried to float a last-minute Bill through the Texas Senate that would allow them, another County and City to gain control of your ground water and charge you for water over a certain amount that they decided was appropriate. That is right an amount they decided. Keep in mind this is the well you paid to dig, the well you pay to maintain, the well you pay for the electricity to pump the water. This Bill would have also dissolved part of your county government that manages your ground water. And of course, they would have taken all associated funds related to that County Agency. Your funds, your money, your tax dollars without your consent. The Bill had numerous other aspects all bad for you and good for them. Luckily, this Bill failed and died. It did not end there. After this failure, this organization blatantly came into your county and declared control over certain aspects of your ground water. The citizens of Bandera County sued in District court and won. This suit cost you a lot of money, time, and effort. A suit that should have never had to be filed. But keep in mind money is easy for large urban liberal municipalities to obtain, they just raise taxes and hire more lawyers. You think great we can now go back to our lives and forget this insanity. Think again. They filled against you in the Texas Supreme Court over control of your water. So now you must go back to court, spend more time, money, and effort to defeat them again. And you did the Texas Supreme Court refused to hear their case. This should tell you how much they need and want your water if they are willing to go to this amount of effort and spend this amount on money. I hope I have your blood boiling, if I do not, I would recommend you see a doctor to see if you have any blood left in you.

This brings us to today. Based on what I have depicted to you thus far do you think we are done with these liberal water stealing zealots that think they have the right to take your property? If they succeed in taking your water, what will they want next? To answer that question let us look at what kind of people with whom we are dealing. They think its OK to kill unborn babies up to and ever after birth for any reason. Just look at their article they published a couple of weeks ago. They think it is OK to violate the Texas Constitution that says ground water is the property of the landowner. They think your flag is a rag, is evil and is a disgrace. They think this country, your country is rotten to the core and should be turned into a socialist haven for liberals where the government owns everything. I think you have come to the same conclusion I have. We will never be done with them until we remove these types of liberal politicians from office or their job.

We still own the high ground and the water under it, but conservatives are surrounded, and out of fuel. We need help. Get involved before it is too late and there is no one left to pick up Old Glory when she falls or stumbles.

In closing, I am not inciting to violence or riots. I think we can beat all liberals on their own terms. We just need to get organized and engage. Tonight, when you are on one knee ask God for direction, ask him to give you a path ahead. Ask him to enlist you into his Army.

Conrad Striegl is the Bandera County GOP Secretary and Bandera County Precinct Chair 102. He resides in Pipe Creek.