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It seems with each passing day our world continues to spiral down into panic and chaos as those in charge continue to feed us full of conflicting and contradictory information from “authoritative sources”.

“We don’t need to wear masks… no wait, now we do… in fact, we need to wear two masks… oh wait, we can stop wearing masks now.” After 19 months of observation, it turns out the virus spread regardless of whether or not masks were worn.

“We just need 15 days to slow the spread so our hospitals won’t be overrun… now we need to lockdown for a month… no wait, maybe in a few months we can end the lockdowns, and life can return to normal. Oops… PCR virus testing indicates cases are rising again, so we have to lockdown again. Sorry folks, you can’t go to church or visit family, but the liquor stores and casinos are essential businesses and will remain open.” Incidentally, why do those in charge call it “lockdown”? Isn’t lockdown what they do in prison when the inmates remember they outnumber the guards and become unruly? Regardless, after 19 months of observation, it turns out the virus has spread indiscriminately whether or not lockdowns were imposed. In fact, there is much evidence to suggest the lockdowns did much more harm than good.

“What? You didn’t get the shot? Are you crazy? If you get the shot, it will keep you from getting sick, and you won’t have to wear a mask… oh wait… that’s not true anymore because of a new variant (spoiler alert-there will be more variants), but the shot will keep you from getting seriously ill… but you still have to wear a mask. Those unvaccinated people are selfish inconsiderate idiots! We should hold them down and force vaccinate them! We’ve had our shots and we wear our masks, but the cases keep rising because of them. Don’t they know our experimental shots won’t work unless they get experimental shots too, and our cloth masks won’t work unless they wear cloth masks too?” What can be said about such absurd frenzied logic?

“Mr. Megalomaniac declares war on the virus with Operation Warp Speed, but his shot wasn’t safe or effective. Thankfully, Mr. Dementia has taken over, and the shot is now safe and effective. In fact, the shot is so safe and effective you will get free stuff (Krispy Crème donuts, MLB tickets, lottery tickets, cash, etc…) when you take it. What’s this? Still not enough people getting the experimental jab? Forget the carrot, time for the stick. How about you all either get the jab or you won’t be able to travel… you also can’t go out to eat, go to the gym, or go to concerts or other public events. Besides, Mr. Dementia says you’re not nearly as smart as he thought you were if you don’t get the shot. Hmm… still not enough people taking the jab? Well, suppose we will have to mandate it so we can force it on the unvaccinated. But how can we mandate an experimental jab still under Emergency Use Authorization? Hmm… let’s just fenagle the rules again like we did when we changed the definition of vaccine to include mRNA technology and get our “friends” at the FDA to approve it. Computer nerd and self-proclaimed vaccine expert, Mr. Charlatan, says the FDA is “the gold standard” when it comes to safety, so no one will question getting the shot if they approve it, even if there aren’t sufficient clinical trials, there has been no public debate and the manufacturers still cannot be held liable for death or injury. BRILLIANT! Now all you unvaccinated people will have to do as we say and take the shot, or you will not be able to attend school, serve your country or go to work and earn a living. Obviously, experts like Dr. Pinocchio are much more knowledgeable than we are when it comes to injecting experimental pathogens into our body. He says taking the experimental jab is for the greater good! Because we are all in this together!”

More absurd frenzied logic. Why are such heavy-handed tactics being used by government and corporations against those unwilling to take the shot? Why doesn’t ‘my body – my choice’ matter like it does when it comes to abortion?

A critical thinking individual may well conclude the purpose of all this nonsense is to keep the American people dazed and confused… and in particular, fearful. Why? Because dazed, confused and fearful people are easier to manipulate and control. They are prone to make rash decisions without considering all the facts, and they are more easily persuaded to give up their personal liberty and freedom for perceived security. However, another angle on all this fear mongering is that it distracts from and/or covers up what is really going on:

Why are families and small businesses being destroyed?

Why is our government not enforcing federal immigration law and allowing hundreds of thousands of refugees across our southern border, overloading our social services, our schools and diminishing our standard of living?

Why are large international investment conglomerates being allowed to buy up the vast majority of single-family homes at a premium, thereby pricing us out of the market and turning us into a nation of renters?

Why is our national debt approaching $29,000,000,000,000 (trillion) and soon to be $32+ trillion when congress passes the new infrastructure spending bill… with no hope of ever satisfying the debt?

Why is the Federal Reserve, a private bank with private shareholders, allowed to print endless money out of thin air causing runaway inflation and continued debasement of our currency?

Why was 5G rolled out so quickly with virtually no studies conducted or consideration given to possible adverse impacts on human health?

Why are virologists, doctors and scientists being censored, banned and otherwise prevented from sharing their expert opinions about the links between 5G, the virus and the experimental jab?

Why are armed groups like BLM and ANTIFA allowed to torch small businesses, terrorize communities and take over city blocks and buildings with no consequences?

Why are unarmed American patriots who protested the stolen 2020 election being vilified as insurrectionists and jailed?

Why is documented forensic evidence of pervasive voter fraud in the 2020 election not only being suppressed, but election auditors and officials are being threatened and/or sued to prevent disclosure of such information? All of this, and so much more, is happening in real time, while our “news media” ignores it and fixates on a virus with less lethality than the seasonal flu. Speaking of the flu, how many flu deaths were recorded in 2020? Why were overall deaths in the US in 2020 less than in 2019 (as per CDC)? We have been hoodwinked baby!

“At this time, we need to give a big shout out to all of our ‘friends’ in mainstream media news and social media! All of them… from CNN to FOX… NYT to Washington Post… and our fact checkers… from Snopes to Wikipedia… you all have done a spectacular job “reporting news and information” that keeps us dazed, confused and divided. None of this duplicity and division would have been possible without you. You have all worked so diligently to make it very exhausting and nearly impossible to know what is really going on. Ironically, all of you will have to live in the totalitarian world you are helping create, and so will your children and your children’s children.”

In the news & social media’s defense, however, they were “just following orders” (sound hauntingly familiar?). The real perpetrators of this collective tyranny are the elite group of individuals that own and control the mainstream media, social media and pretty much everything else.

They control all the wealth, and own, control or otherwise dominate the world’s banks, courts, governments and corporations. This group also owns the WHO, CDC, FDA, AMA, NIH and many other alphabet groups (except: AFLDS.ORG, MYFREEDOCTOR.COM, HEALTHIMPACTNEWS.COM, TRIALSITENEWS.COM). As George Carlin put it back in 2008, “It’s a big club… and you ain’t in it. You and I are not in the big club”.

So, if the big club already dominates everything worldwide, what is left for them to own and control? The world’s population of course. At present, there are almost 8 billion people on the planet, up from about 4 billion less than 50 years ago. This is exponential growth, while the world and its resources are finite and diminishing. The big club is very aware of this statistic and are actually on record stating the world’s population needs to be reduced. Why shouldn’t we take them at their word? What is their plan to depopulate the planet? What exactly is in that experimental jab, and why is it being pushed so damned hard? Why are only America’s “productive citizens”, the backbone of society, mandated to take it? Why is Congress, the Judiciary, White House Staff, CDC employees, FDA employees, USPS employees, NIAID employees, Pfizer & Moderna employees and illegal aliens ALL EXEMPT from the vaccine mandate?

The current situation is dire and should be sufficient grounds for us to transcend all petty differences. Democrat /republican, right/left, conservative/ liberal, black/white, young/ old, rich/poor, vaxxed/unvaxxed. None of this division should matter anymore. The time for DISSENT has arrived. We must all RESIST the big club’s ever-increasing tyranny. WE DO NOT CONSENT. WE DO NOT COMPLY. UNITED WE STAND - DIVIDED WE FALL.

Anthony Richards

Bandera, Texas