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And Why Do Children Need the Covid-19 Vaccine? THEY DON’T!!

Recently I read an article in our Bandera News “Why Children Need the COVID-19 Vaccine”. I was shocked to read statement after statement with minimal documented evidence to support this assertion. I am not writing this article to argue paragraph by paragraph. I am writing this to share where parents/grandparents may obtain knowledge and documented facts before you decide to vaccinate your child. Remember… it is irreversible.

I have been a child advocate for over forty years. I taught school for 30 years. I fully understand that our children are our future. It is our duty as parents and grandparents to protect them and give them the best life we can.

To paraphrase Dr. Valdimir Zelenko, who has a 99% survival rate of high risk COVID-19 patients, a person must ask themselves three questions before injecting an experimental foreign substance into their body.

Is it safe?

Does it work? Is it necessary?

Is it necessary?

I will share where you can find the answers and much more for yourself. The web site that has simple factual information is This is a group of worldwide doctors, scientists, and virologists that have come together to share knowledge and facts about the vaccine and COVID 19 . There are many doctors, but here are three that are simple to follow: Dr. Simone Gold. Her riveting video, “The Truth About the COVID-19 Vaccine”. Dr. Ryan Cole #StoptheMandate and Dr. Valdimir Zelenko. Again, the web site is They update information regularly.

Remember the CDC says the survival rate of children under the age of 20 is 99.997%. Ask yourself, is an experimental shot worth the risk when the survival rate is 99.997%? Please watch, listen and read about the vaccine on these sites, or any of your choosing. Listen while you are driving to work, listen while you are preparing dinner, read while you are waiting for appointments. Then make your own decision based on your knowledge. As a teacher, I quickly learned that when we discover knowledge for ourselves, it is then ours. We own it! Please explore, discover and own your knowledge before making such a decision for your child. Remember….. it is irreversible.

- Diane Langner

Bandera, Texas