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January 26, 2022 - 05:00

In regard to the letter to the Editor that was published on or about January 12, 2022, where that author described “an anonymous and cowardly action and not very neighborly” criminal mischief. For those that did not read the article where someone used red paint and spray painted over the word DEMOCRATICS on the erected public property sign.

Since I too agree that no one should destroy another’s property for any political reason including injury to First Responders. I decided to take the country boy and neighborly action and at no cost to the taxpayers of Bandera County, I decided to clean the Bandera County sign. I drove several miles, backed my truck up to the sign and within twelve (12) minutes, the red paint was removed.

However, while I was driving and planning how to remove the paint, I thought about the 2017, 2018, and, 2019 criminal mischief and destruction of buildings, homes, and the injuries to law enforcement officers, by the protesters in other cities. I began to wonder if that same author wrote a letter to the Editor when Antifa and other protesters were making their political expression by their destruction at the cost millions of dollars?

If that author did not write a letter of expression, then this cowardly painter who was expressing a political expression/feeling, should receive the same the pass that author gave the protesters that burned Republican and Democratic owned businesses, houses, vehicles and taxpayer’s property.

Author, if you were thinking the State or County followed up on your complaint and replaced the sign, nope, a Republican saved all of the taxpayers of Bandera County the cost of a new sign, the cost of employee hours. Hopefully I have reduced your frustration, as one does not know just how long it would take for the sign to be replaced or the cost. I’m not sure how often you drive through Pipe Creek, but now you can drive, view, and think about my repair. Yes, my action did save tax money, but mostly I wanted to remove or reduce your frustration and concern. In closing, enjoy your clean sign and many thanks to your group for picking up the trash along State Highway 16, and one day I will attend cleanup. It should be noted that I also agree that no one should destroy another’s property for any political reason.

A proud Texan, and a 2nd Amendment supporter and carrier,

Reagan Daniel