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October 06, 2021 - 05:00
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Wednesday in Llano among some very good competition, the Medina Junior High and High School Cross Country teams once again showed out and showed how great they are.

The Junior High Boys were split into seventh and eight grade divisions, and seventh grade was led by Seth Doyle finishing 13th overall, followed by Austen Racine 15th and Davis Peterson 16th.

The eighth grade boys took care of business again this week, led by Holland Cook placing second overall followed by Rylan Mills third, Johnathon Swanner eighth and Dominic Charnetski 27th. This is a special group of athletes that are putting in work to be great.

Girls were also split into grade levels, with Kayleigh Pump leading the seventh grade division by finishing fourth overall.

Ella Taccetta, improving her time by about one minute, competed great in the eight grade division.

The Junior High District meet is today, October 6, at Deer Creek Camp at 5 p.m. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come watch them compete.

High School girls looked like a fantastic team yesterday in Llano. This team of girls is looking sharp and getting ready for a run at not only the district title, but but a regional appearance and state appearance.

The team was led by Didi Aguilar finishing 12th overall, followed by Charli McCabe 14th, Ahnika Grassie 28th, Hallie Kunz 29th, Kytlin Peterson 37th, Kaydence Tilgman 43rd and Tori Taccetta 44th.

The field of runners at the meet was loaded with topranked runners in the state of Texas from 1A to 4A, and the Medina girls did not shy away from the competition, letting everyone know how great they are.

Boys team once again had an outstanding day, led by Joe Preston finishing first in his division. followed by Chris Charnetski fourth and Gabe Bower 19th.

The boys were missing a few runners, but individually really improved, getting ready for district and beyond.

The high school district meet is Monday, October 11, at Deer Creek Camp.