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June 21, 2023 - 00:00

“They’re coming after You, and I’m The Only One Standing in the Way between You and Them.” - D.T. (Delirium Tremens) Parallel: No one comes to the Fuehrer except by Me, Me! Only I Am the Way Back to the Truth and the Light of our once-Great Civilization.

“So who ‘zat a’comin’ / after li’l ol’ me me? Them Ol’ Deep State? I thought They owned us already –Them Pentagon and Runaway Captalisters!” But good ol' D.T., he'd never flash a blade towards either of His G.G.s (Golden Goosies), even if he had The P.P. (Putin Power), that he covets so hot and worships so supine.

Please, People! Can our Nation Stand, and still let this Blasphemous Bogus Messiah Tear Us All Asunder – yet again? Hasn’t he Spewed his Spiels over us enough times already, so that we might Learn his Lies, and See?

Look Up and Think, Americans! Raise Our Eyes and Reject this Subversive False Prophet of Division and Doom! Read through his real court charges, and allow American Justice to do its rightful work with him.

We’re way better than this. We’d better be.

Gabe Hardblough, Bandera Ingrown