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Kittleson visits library

February 02, 2022 - 05:00
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Author Gail Kittleson came to Bandera on a book tour for her new book, “Land That I Love, which deals with the struggles of a new British immigrant who moves to the Texas Hill Country between the world wars. Her new book incorporates local and World War II history while weaving a story of patriotism, prejudice, and love through the mix.

The protagonist, Everett, brings his toddler son and his family butler with him to Texas, where he takes over an established orchard and the butler works as a dairyman. He learns what it means to be a part of a tight knit community in rural Texas.

Kittleson explores Everett’s exposure to the German heritage of many of the people in Central Texas. Through the characters’ experiences, she shows the prejudice that resulted in the placement of German American citizens in an internment camp near Crystal City.

As the book’s time is set before most people had televisions, news of the war is received through the radio and word of mouth. The war is especially meaningful to Everett and his family as they follow the European theater of action through the lens of their home country, Britain. The author contrasts the peacefulness of Central Texas with the ongoing danger experienced in Britain during the war.

As a former teacher, Everett and his son Donnie explore the history of Texas through reading together each night. Set in Loyal Valley, Texas, the book follows the history of the area from the original land grants to the 1950’s. As the characters age, the story changes and Everett becomes at peace with this life as he remarries, watches his children grow and becomes a U.S. citizen.

Kittleson beautifully captured the essence of the Hill Country with her dedicated research and understanding of the culture of the citizens who made their homes there.

“The Land That I Love” is the perfect read for those who enjoy historical fiction about Texas with characters who are reflective and real.

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