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City extends public health emergency declaration for city park

August 16, 2023 - 00:00
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    A proclamation rests on the closed city park gate, behind which signs warn of dangerous Medina River conditions. This photo was taken Aug. 7. Mayor Gibson extended her public health emergency declaration forbidding river access at the park on Aug. 8. BULLETIN PHOTO/Daniel Tucker

The Bandera City Council voted Aug. 8 to extend their declaration of a public health emergency by approving resolution 2023-026 to keep river access closed to the public due to high levels of bacteria.

They will open the park to vehicular traffic after signs have been posted to alert the public to have no contact with the water.

Per the Bandera County River Authority & Groundwater District, high heat and lack of rain is an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive and has led to high levels of E. coli at the park.

The initial declaration closed the park gates but said entry was allowed by foot and bike. “Paws and hooves are welcome,” read the document posted on the closed park gate on Aug. 4.

Violators of the declaration could face a Class C misdemeanor punishable up to $,2,000.

In other council business, the council unanimously approved action on ordinance 432 to change the public access fence and signage around Bandera City Park.

Council approved new signage and the new gate will be moved to Maple & 8th.

The agenda featured two items regarding changing zoning classifications from P3 neighborhood to P4 mixed, but both were overwhelmingly denied and kept as currently zoned.

This was for addresses at 9th and Maple and 10th and Maple in the City of Bandera. The initial request originated from the Bandera EDC and Gay Guillot of Guillot Realty, who believed the city needed to re-zone to allow a parking lot and vendors.

During a recess taken by the council to review the zoning particulars, although not specifically clear in the language, they discovered that it was not necessary to have to rezone and that the property owners would be allowed to have a parking lot and vendor activity under the provisions of P3 neighborhoods.

Additionally, the city council voted in favor of using the official seal of the City of Bandera on all city documentation going forward.

They clarified that the city seal is distinct from the city logo and that the city logo should not be used for official city work; although, it can be used in other aspects, such as marketing.

These two icons have been used interchangeably at times.

City officials say this will ensure that only the seal for the City of Bandera will be used in its professional capacity.