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Jerry Russe running for Bandera City Council

October 20, 2021 - 00:00
  • Jerry Russe running for Bandera City Council
    Jerry Russe running for Bandera City Council

Editor’s Note: The following is an election announcement from a local candidate. The Bulletin grants local candidates one election announcement free of charge, with all following election materials charged an ad fee.

My name is Jerry Russe and I’m running for re-election to City Council in November. One thing that makes me different from the other candidates is that I am the only one who owns a home and a business in the City and have for 19 years. I know firsthand the problems facing BOTH businesses and residents.

When I ran for City Council two years ago I stated that I would be proactive, stand up for all taxpayer’s rights, make sure taxpayers were treated fairly, spend taxpayer’s money conservatively and be a voice for taxpayers. I believe I have fulfilled that promise. I spend hours educating myself on the operations, budget, and current and future needs of our city. My priorities when running for election two years ago were:

•Roads/Infrastructure. UPDATE: A fund has been established for a seven-year street project and the first year has been completed. Citizens have told me they would like to see the street project finished as soon as possible and they are concerned with the cost to taxpayers of the current projects. If re-elected, my goal is to reduce the time to complete these projects, which will save the taxpayers’ money. I believe infrastructure, such as the streets, and the replacement of the existing wastewater treatment plant continue to be our most pressing issues. The current wastewater treatment plant is in a floodway and the state is requiring it to be relocated. These multimillion dollar projects are top priority. I will continue working to find additional revenue to direct towards these projects, allowing us to pay for and complete them early, which will save money. I am extremely conservative and look for solutions to existing problems.

•To work with TxDOT to reduce the speed on Hwy 16 coming into town from SA. UPDATE: I was successful in getting the speed reduced and No Jake Brake signs installed.

•Consider options to reduce congestion on Main Street. UPDATE: I was selected to be the City Council Liaison for TxDOT and have been working with them on street improvements, focusing on Main Street, to reduce congestion and provide better traffic flow.

•Address the immediate needs of our current water and wastewater and take action to move forward with plans for a new wastewater treatment plant. UPDATE: The Council has hired engineers who are in the process of locating land in the best location for the plant.

I was responsible for bringing to light excessive overtime of city employees that had been occurring for numerous years. I was instrumental in moving some city employees from hourly wages to salary saving the City thousands of dollars.

I have accomplished the goals I set out to do or have the projects started that I promised in my last campaign. I will always be looking for ways to decrease spending and I promise to always do what is right for the citizens. I believe in the preservation of Bandera’s heritage, parks, and historical buildings. I will continue to show that I care about the citizens and taxpayers, and the future of Bandera.