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Earney debuts gallery at Bandera library

July 14, 2021 - 05:00
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    Artist Michael P. Earney poses with Bandera County Librarian Mauri Guillen Fagan at the gallery opening for Mr. Earney’s art works, which are displayed in the background. BULLETIN PHOTO/Tracy Thayer

As the Bandera Public Library’s Artist of the Month for July, renowned painter, sculptor, potter, author and documentary film maker Michael P. Earney brought his artwork to the Bandera Public Library for a month-long gallery show.

With a style reminiscent of Audubon in its detail, the photo-realistic style Earney uses to depict common subjects makes the viewer come closer to examine each painting to double check it is not a photograph.

The unique shapes and colors in Earney’s paintings cause the observer to slip beyond his use of familiar subjects to see that the natural world provides many opportunities to interest the casual and expert art lover, both. Mr. Earney is a master in the mediums of watercolor and acrylic.

Earney who has previously written fiction, now has published a series of books about the natural world.

During the gallery opening, he signed copies of his “A to Z” book series for patrons and guests.

Each book is dedicated to an alphabet letter with a designated topic and features his paintings of various subjects like wildflowers, birds, weeds, mushrooms and cats (wild and domestic).

While the vignettes provided with each page and picture are always filled with enough technical details to interest seasoned naturalists, the books are written in a style that is accessible for “beginners of all ages.”

Earney’s easy going prose and witty asides are a fantastic way to introduce children to science.

“I have been starting to sell books through the libraries in Utopia and Bandera when they show my paintings. I feel that selling books in this way supports the library and the library also supports me,” said Earney.

“It also allows me to meet the people who have an interest in my books and connect with them,” he commented.

Mr. Earney is a Bandera County resident, residing between Tarpley and Utopia. A limited showing of his paintings can be found in the gallery at the Bandera Public Library.

His books may be purchased from Amazon or through the author. Individual prints or imprinted items can be purchased through

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