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Bandera writers convene again

July 14, 2021 - 05:00
  • Bandera writers convene again

The Bandera Writers’ Group gathered at the Silver Sage Community Center last week to resume its monthly meetings.

The group under the leadership of writer and columnist Mary Schenk talked about meeting format and the kind of agenda that the participants felt would be most beneficial.

The group is composed of writers of a variety of genres. Its membership is composed of humorists, weekly columnists, a romance writer, a science fiction writer, an autobiographer, a children’s author, a poet and a short story writer.

Some of the group are published authors and some are aspiring writers. Any writer is welcome to attend the meetings which will be on the first Thursday of each month at 2 PM.

A discussion on the business side of marketing works of writing was fascinating. Schenk referenced the Romance Writers of America as an example of writers who were experts at marketing their novels. Self-publishing is currently the most popular form of getting writing published.

The group also had an extensive discussion about what to expect from the publishing industry. A social media presence was lauded as the most notable way to gain readership.

The group shared advice given by noted authors like Stephen King and Jennifer Crusie.

Some of the participants shared their work, reading to the group short examples of their latest efforts.

The idea of a writers’ conference in Bandera was discussed as an opportunity to bring in noted authors and editors to speak to writers in the area.

The idea of developing a cadre of collegial partners who provide critiques while sharing writing was deliberated.

While specific aspects of the writing process were mentioned, the group focused on a wide variety of topics that would apply to writers of all types from short stories to novelists.

The next meeting of the Bandera Writers’ Group will be on Thursday, August 5 at 2 PM at the Silver Sage Community Center in the Great Room.

For more information, contact Mary Schenk via Facebook.