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July 12, 2023 - 00:00

Despite multiple indictments, Donald Trump is well on his way again to winning the Republican nomination for president. That prospect scares a whole lot of people.

But we don't have to stand by and just watch Trump try to blow up the foundations of our democracy again, because Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution disqualifies any public official who has engaged in insurrection against our nation or its government from ever holding public office again. So all we need now is for all state election officials to enforce the 14th Amendment, formally disqualify Trump’s candidacy, and Trump’s campaign is over. Red-state officials are the most sure to follow through on this constitutional enforcement, as they are all constitutional strict-constructionists, and are oath-bound to obey such a direct and unequivocal charge by the Founders.

Gabe Hardblough Bandera Ingrown