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May 17, 2023 - 00:00

There have been a slew of idiot 'shooters' whacking people left and right.

This is not right. These guys should be locked up somewhere. And, a lot of these guys are using AR-15s.

Most people say that rifles are ok, or handguns, but, not machine guns like the AR-15. These guns have one purpose, ie, killing humans.

In a war-time situation, the AR-15 is pretty useful. You don't have to be accurate. You just point the AR15 in the general direction of whomever you are murdering and, let the AR-15 do the rest.

Many years ago, while wandering through northern Africa, I heard the chatter of a machine gun. Later on, I found out that there was a war going on.

Anyway, lots of tall grass there, they couldn't see me well, so , I crawled my way and ended up in a bunch of trees. From there, I got to the airport.

Anyway, point is, you hear a machine gun near you, it's something you remember. You don't forget that sound.

I think all machine guns should be banned. Big prison time for people that have AR-15 guns. Same thing for selling the AR-15: you go to jail. These machine guns are too darned dangerous.

Mike Olive

From a small ranch near Bandera