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October 05, 2022 - 00:00

Texas republicans must make a choice on how to proceed in the upcoming elections and decide to be true to the republican values or follow the MAGA agenda. The continued belief that the 2020 election was stolen is not a platform to stand on for the upcoming elections. There is a real threat to voter security since most of the honest election personnel have been threatened by MAGA supporters and have resigned. In Fredricksburg all the election staff have resigned and there is a real problem with how the elections will be handled. Why is it necessary for republicans to promote programs that only cause harm or distress to the people of Texas. Our governor has made it possible for everyone to have a gun and carry it without any training or education on safety. Then he says that he supports the law enforcement agencies but their first threat is that everyone has a gun. Our governor has stated that the electric grid is better but has not enforced any requirements to ensure that the grid is reliable. He has no respect for women or health of women. Texas is 51st in healthcare, 43rd in child care, 39th in education, and 35th in average salary. So tell me how Make America Great Again is working. I have not seen any improvement in my life because of MAGA policies. It has only made the rich more rich and the middle income people more stressed. Our Lieutenant governor has promoted policies to restrict books from libraries and homophobic policies that will cause people more stress in their lives. Without the mental health support what do you think will happen, more school shootings. The tragic event at the Uvalde school should never have happened if there was a ban on assault weapons. The governor has not addressed school safety in a way that will give people some belief that their children will be safe at school. Our state attorney general has been busy in filing suits against other states on election fraud without any evidence. He also wants to sue about the Mara Lago search which was caused because Trump would not respect the law and the legal request to return documents to the National Archives. Why do republicans allow some people to not follow the rule of law? Republicans, you need to decide if the rule of law is more important that one person that does not care about anyone but himself.

Gary Fest Bandera, TX