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RE: Self-Deceptions

RE: SELF-DECEPTIONS Editor’s Note: The following letter is in response to a letter from Gabe Hardblough that appeared in Dec. 14’ paper.

A favorite ploy of Democrats is to deceive all and say that a Conservative said something that they actually didn't say. They do this so that the Conservative has to change the subject and defend themselves.

I, as a desperate disciple and fanatical detracting henchman of Trump as he referred to me as; never claimed Trump's Shinning Innocence of any vile and libelous accusations in my article. The left also likes to result to insults and name calling when they can't come up with any facts to rebut an issue. I suppose telling supporters to march to the 'Capitol building peacefully and patriotically to make your voices heard' is considered rousing and dispatching an 'Armed' army.

Then there is that word 'Armed' which is usually used to imply 'firearms'.

The FBI made no arrest of people carrying firearms. There are reports of local police making arrest of people 'allegedly' carrying guns. I guess they ditched them? Yes, there were stun guns, pepper spray, baseball bats, and flag poles among the protesters. BLM and Antifa, burn, loot and murder, but it's for social justice, so it's OK.

As far as what is Really Real and What is the Truth?

I would like for Hillary and Comey to answer that.

As for as the Honest 2020 Election, we may have to wait on Twitter to find out what is really real and true.. You could ask Hillary about 2016 or Al Gore about 2000. Then Bennie Thompson Chairman of the 7 democrat and 2 Trump hating republicans on the Jan.6th Kangaroo-Committee says we must ensure that our Nation of Laws survives.

But he means for his side only. The Left will never look at the Bidens and China or Ukraine.

Yep, The Times are a-changing. And they ain't looked too good, lately; if you've been to the grocery store or tried to buy a home.

John Schuetze Bandera Texas