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September 08, 2021 - 05:00

This is in response to the letter that children do not need vaccines.

The way to stop a pandemic is to prevent the virus from continuing to infect people and allow the virus to continue to reproduce and possibly mutate to a more virulent form. The misinformation that is spread by right wing political groups only makes the problem worse. Dr. Simone Gold who has organized America’s Frontline Doctors was a participant in the insurrection at the Capitol on Jan. 6th.

This group is promoting lies about the Covid 19 vaccines and treatment that have no validity. Some promoted treatments may actually cause more harm. Please protect yourself and your children by getting the vaccine. Wearing of masks will also help in reducing the spread of the virus. It will take everyone to make a difference in controlling the virus. I hope you are not responsible for someone dying because of lies spread by irresponsible people.

- Gary Fest

Pipe Creek

In regards to the letter to editor by Diane Langner I took her advice and look up AFLDS. So i typed in what is ALFDS. said it was a american right-wing political organization known for spreading misinfomation about covid. i also looked up Dr. Zelenko and his claims have not been verified. i think more people should do more research and stop listening to people selling snake oil.

- Michael W Magee

Bandera, Texas