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December 22, 2021 - 05:00

Dear Editor,

It never fails that some city-slicker dirties his feet up in the country, and then has something to say about just how much dirt we have out here, and then insists we change it without offering any actual solution of substance, whether we would want his opinion or not.

Would Mr. John Cobb of Austin like to propose a solution to the dead animals on the side of the road? Perhaps a rainbow crosswalk with a signal so Mr. and Mrs. Buck can cross in safety? If Mr. Cobb thinks that we hit animals on the side of the road for fun or on purpose, as he implied in his letter to the editor, he might consider keeping his derriere in Austin from now on. It's quite insulting.

Many people have been hurt or killed, or had their car totaled from collisions with wild game, and he acts like we just go tearing around in our trucks looking for a deer to hit. If you had deer on Sixth Street, you'd have dead animals on the side of the road too.

There are no deer on Sixth Street however, as you've obliterated any sign of Nature there. Instead, you have many brainless airheads on Sixth Street, who many times I'm surprised that they even know how to stay out of traffic. They certainly have no clue how the real world works outside of their unicorn park.

The unfortunate reality of life in the country is that sometimes wildlife collides with vehicles as they have small frontal cortexes and can't understand how to safely cross a highway. I take solace in the fact that it provides a good meal for one of the best of the Creator's creatures - the noble Buzzard.

Tonya M Payne

Pipe Creek, Texas