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This week past, Donald Trump formally announced that he is running for president, yet again.

Trump’s disastrous presidency delivered a swift upward transfer of wealth to the already-wealthiest people and to multi-national corporations at the expense of us ‘regular’ Americans.

He deliberately accelerated the planet’s rush to climate chaos, and he turned cronyism and corruption into “governing principles.”

Trump’s utter, willful incompetence in dealing with the COVID pandemic cost hundreds of thousands of lives.

Trump personally instigated and intensified anti- immigrant hysteria. He mouthed steady spews of racism and misogyny.

He backed up his hateful words with destructive policies that made our country crueler, meaner, more unequal and more unjust.

He has contributed more to American polarization and angry coarsening of political expression than perhaps any president in U.S. history.

Trump and his toadies pounded at the foundations of our democracy. They stomped on basic norms of decency, humanity, and undermined our American electoral processes.

Trump encouraged a neo-fascist movement that led to an insurrection and which even now continues its assault on American democracy, conjuring shades of Hitler’s brown-shirted “Storm-trooper” thugs and the Nazi throttling of freedom and self-determination during the 1930s Europe.

Trump infamously pronounced his favor for the “word” of Vladimir Putin over the determinations of his and our own Intelligence officials.

Donald Trump certainly does not deserve another opportunity to profane the presidency.

He belongs in prison, fretting about his newest “marriage-partner.”

Gabe Hardblough, Bandera Ingrown