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This is in response to Contests and Decency by Gary Moore.

I certainly agree with Mr. Moore that losing gracefully, wishing your adversary success and accepting defeat are essential parts of our culture.

I also agree with him that, as said by the Texas Secretary of State, the last election was one of our most successful in history with very few voting errors, no more than in the past.

Foolishly, I expected him to be calling for the sore loser elected Democrats, who are hiding in a Washington, DC hotel, to return to Austin and participate in the governance for which they were fairly elected – and are paid. Instead he continues to stoke the fires of blaming Trump and Fox News. There is no prop er place in our form of democracy for elected representatives to refuse to participate – regardless of how important they may unilaterally declare the issue. To paraphrase Mr. Moore, it’s time for the Texas Democrats to walk across the aisle and shake hands with the elected majority.

- Dennis Treadwell Pipe Creek, Texas