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Inflation was obvious

February 02, 2022 - 05:00

Inflation was obvious whenever we look at a man who ran on nothing other than he was not that man. Joe Biden versus Donald Trump was truly a referendum on character, and due to a single loss we saw oil prices expectantly rise, we saw an ineffective administration explain their own supply constraints without avail creating price increases. Some Donald Trump would have solved, like oil and energy, others required dedication and time such as microchip manufacturing. Inflation on an average though was avoidable, as we know the character of our former president. the longer this presidency drags on, the more obvious Donald Trump was the right candidate. As our lack of acknowledgement for natural immunity is causing distress, the energy independence is now well missed, the problems we faced felt avoidable and now are staring us down. Inflation was the nastiest issue we face and is why Joe Biden resembles Jimmy Carter. A nice guy promising too much and carrying no weight. His words are falling on deaf ears when gas is four dollars a gallon, whenever ships are waiting to be unloaded. This issue, either a consequence of a rigged election or displeasure is the burden we bear.

- Kendall Tennyson