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Party’s new chair knows the ropes


The Bandera County Republican Party has a new chair with deep Texas roots and a California flair who should not be surprised by the demands of the job since she has held the same position before in a far larger place – Los Angeles County, California.

The Bandera County Republican Party’s executive committee on July 9 selected Lynn Haueter over three other candidates to take over the management of the local party.  She replaces Dana Moeller who resigned from the party chairmanship on May 23 without providing a reason for her departure.

Haueter and her husband Bob have only lived in Bandera County since October, but they bring with them a wealth of political experience in California, Texas and Washington, D.C.

Haueter’s resume includes stints as the South Texas field director for the Texans for Greg Abbott gubernatorial campaign in 2013-2014, as executive assistant to U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady, R-the Woodlands, in 2015-2016 and as the deputy chief of staff for U.S. Rep. Ron Estes, R-Kansas, after that.

But possibly more interesting to the executive committee members last week was the year she served as the chair of the Los Angeles County Republican Party through 2012.

Executive Committee Member Jerry Pierce said the selection was not an easy one to make given the caliber of the other candidates.  He like other members of the committee said Haueter’s experience, her skills and her ability to give the post the time it needs were persuasive factors in the decision.

“She’s done it before,” said Pierce.  That’s helpful.”

 Haueter said she had planned to volunteer for the local Republican Party but never thought about pursuing the chairmanship until friends and her husband urged her to seek the post after information about the former chair’s resignation became public.

The more she learned about the intentions of the Democratic opposition and the “socialist agenda” she believes that party is pursuing, the more determined she became to get involved in party politics again and to see that the Republicans elected to office locally and statewide stay in office.

“The last thing I want to see is Texas turn blue,” said Haueter.

She said her focus as the chair will be to identify Republican voters and to make sure they are registered to vote, to keep them informed about important issues and to see that they get out to vote on election day.

With so many people moving to Texas every month, it’s critical for the party to identify and mobilize its supporters, particularly in preparation for next year’s presidential campaign, which Texas is expected to play a major role in, the new chair said.

Haueter is a fifth-generation Texan who grew up in Marshall and was raised by parents who eventually moved to California to act.  Her mother is Susan Howard, a well-known actress who played Donna Krebbs in the TV series “Dallas.”

Haueter said her mother, who now is living in the Boerne area, got heavily involved in Republican Party politics as well and was the person who convinced her to take up the political cause.

Haueter also got the acting bug in her early 20s and moved to California where she too found work in television but eventually decided to spend her time raising her three children.

She said she knows the chairmanship of the party is a big job and that differences routinely arise in political organizations, though she is unaware of issues that could complicate her job locally.

The new chair, a former board member of the Nueces River Authority and a national delegate to the 2012 Republican Party National Convention, said she considers herself a workaholic who is skilled a bringing people together by making sure they feel listened to and respected.

She said she is honored to be chosen as the party’s leader and is “looking forward to the challenge.”