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Mary Christmas - Nadine

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Posted: Monday, December 23, 2013 3:57 pm

On our journey thru life there are few, if any, annual events that even come close to the spirit of, the memories of, and the pure joy of the Christmas Season!

That special feeling that is the Christmas Season is here. It comes with all the memories that travel with each of us throughout our life - be it a short or a long journey.

There was another Christmas special on public television Sunday evening - “A Christmas Carol Concert” - which told the 1843 story of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” - set to music. The production was done with a full symphonic orchestra, a coral group, and a small group of performers that read, sung, and otherwise portrayed the lead characters in Dickens’ story. Remember that main character in the story is Ebenezer Scrooge, the originator of the term “bah-humbug”!

In the production there was a song that contained a repeated lyric something to the effect that the Christmas Season is a great way to end each year. Everyone knows the story of how Ebenezer Scrooge is confronted by a ghost that presents glimpses of Christmases past, present, and future.

Google it and you get “A Christmas Carol” described as being in the genre of a “social criticism, fiction, fairy tale, novella, ghost story, morality play, parable, and speculative fiction.”

Just as “A Christmas Carol” defies a narrow definition of genre - so does everyone’s observance of the Christmas season. As with other holidays, every family and each community have their own traditions that are associated with Christmas. But no other holiday has the impact of Christmas on the American scene. Nothing even comes close.

Christmas started as a religious holiday but is now both a religious and secular holiday. The normal day-to-day personal and business activities of our country come to a stand-still – by choice. That choice is to stop everything and pause for a few hours to be with family and friends in observance of Christmas.

Most families have gatherings that last from a few hours to a few days. It seems that everyone is in good spirits, congenial, and truly happy to be together, again. Some families have more of a bah-humbug Christmas. But virtually all of us have an observance of the day and the season. We all acknowledge the uniqueness of the Christmas Season, and we all have our special memories of Christmases past, plans for the Christmas present, and expectations for Christmases future.

Life is full of surprises, positive and negative, that play out each year and some from year to year. During the Christmas Season, even the hard times are frequently remembered affectionately when mixed in with the warm memories of the good times. Christmas is more of a sentimental season than our other holidays and seasons. It is marked by feeling, sensibility, and emotional idealism that results from feelings rather than reason or thought.

We all stop, pause, think and remember Christmases past and of the loved ones no longer with us. As we age, that list gets longer. We also reminisce on events, personal and otherwise, of the current year and not so much about the coming year. That is reserved for New Years’ holiday - next week. Now is a time of reminiscing and remembrance - of having sentimental thoughts of people, events, and Christmases past.

What began as an observance of the birth of Jesus Christ has evolved into more of a secular holiday that virtually shuts-down an entire country – the most powerful country in the world? Christmas Day does just that.

The Christmas Season, as Charles Dickens’ stated in his almost immortal story, is a great way to end each year.

My daughter Nadine would ask, “Why can’t we be like this all year long? Why not that Christmas feeling all the time?”

So in her memory, Merry Christmas! Mary Christmas! Mary Christmas!

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