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Malice in Bundyland

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Posted: Thursday, May 8, 2014 4:02 pm

Sean Hannity of Fox News tumbled down the Rabid Hole touting his hare-brained scheme to make a folk hero out of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who turns out to be a law-breaking, anti-government freeloader. Unlike 16,000 law-abiding ranchers, who willingly pay the low rates for grazing their herds on public lands, Bundy is a moocher, fattening his cattle for 20 years on land belonging to all of us, while refusing to pay a penny.  

Bundy, losing three different court decisions, was ordered to remove his cattle from land he doesn’t own and pay the $1.1 million in fees and penalties he owes us or have his cattle confiscated. This welfare cowboy’s response was to declare that he doesn’t recognize the Federal Government as even existing. Democrats have a beef with that. 

Hannity’s inanity about the big bad guvmint beating up on a lone heroic rancher produced a kneejerk reaction from Tea Party-type Republicans, including Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Rick Perry and Greg Abbott, who jumped heedlessly on the Bundy bandwagon. What’s worse, Faux News’ incessant yammering incited gun-toting militias and Oathkeepers to stampede to Bundy’s defense. 

Brandishing their weapons amid anti-Obama signs, these brave (?) Bundy supporters threatened a range war-or a deranged war. Bundy’s son assaulted a federal agent and kicked his dog. Bundy’s wife boasted that she had a gun, it was loaded, and she would use it. An ex-sheriff outlined a strategy of placing women in front to be shot first as a way of swaying public opinion. To avoid bloodshed, the feds left the area.                        

Comedians Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart couldn’t have asked for better fodder to produce hilarious spoofs of both Hannity and Bundy. (Try Googling to find the videos). Colbert said we needn’t worry about women being shot because there was further strategy for a line of children to protect them. Stung by Stewart’s merciless skewering of his ignorance and hypocrisy, Hannity tried to retaliate but, in a battle of wits, poor Sean comes only half- equipped.     

The stampede to defend Bundy shifted into reverse when the fool decided to open his mouth with what he’d learned about “Negroes.” Cliven mused that because today’s Negroes never learned to pick cotton, they were living in subsidized housing with nothing to do but abort their babies and see their young men sent to jail. Bundy further wondered if they wouldn’t be happier as slaves. Holy cow chips!   

Hannity grabbed a thesaurus to denounce that view, but not before Colbert chortled that Sean and Bundy are bound together like Ku and Klux. A Faux News anchor criticized his own network for going silent after its Bundy-all-the-time coverage. Cowardly GOP politicos ducked for cover.  

Imagine if Martin Luther King had been a slave. He’d never have written the “Letter from a Birmingham jail” because he wouldn’t have been allowed to learn to read and write. And Bundy surely thinks that MLK would be happier enduring lashings with a whip for not picking enough cotton rather than going on all those tiring marches, not to mention suffering martyrdom from an assassin’s bullet.  

What took place in Bundyland was a Mad Haters’ Tea Party where the beverage served was Kool-Aid and where a preacher called President Obama “a half-breed.” More than one skunk joined this Tea Party and the stench will cling to all those who fell for deadbeat Bundy. 

Thank goodness it couldn’t happen here-or could it?  

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