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Warriors Heart celebrates five years with auction, documentary

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  • Warriors Heart celebrates five years with auction, documentary
    Pictured here is a tomahawk made by Warriors Heart Foundation Executive Director Ted Lanier during his residential treatment at Warriors Heart. Items like this made by clients are available as part of an online auction celebrating the fifth anniversary of

Warriors Heart kicks off a two-week celebration of their fifth anniversary today, and celebrations will include the release of the documentary ‘Warriors Heart – Warriors Healing Warriors” on Amazon Prime, an online auction featuring art made by “warriors” during treatment and celebrations of program advancements posted to social media channels.

“We found out that 22 veterans commit suicide per day and decided, ‘we need to do something about it.’ Otherwise, it would eat at our soul,” recalled CEO and founder Josh Lannon. “We wanted to provide a safe place for warriors who put their lives on the line every day to heal with like-minded peers.”

The anniversary celebrations are underway with an auction of art made by Warriors Heart clients during their 42-day residential treatment program.

Flags, tomahawks and crosses are made in the Wood and Metal Shop, and each has its own unique design.

Clients donate their art as part of a “Pay it Forward” program in order to help the next warrior heal.

Money raised from the auction will go to the Warriors Heart Foundation 501(c)(3), a separate entity.

To bid on items, visit

Since Warriors Heart’s founding in 2016 by Josh Lannon, Lisa Lannon and Tom Spooner, over 1,500 people have completed the “Warriors Healing Warriors” Program.

That journey is featured in Fernando Coelho’s documentary “Warriors Heart – Warriors Healing Warriors,” which is now available to rent or own digitally through Amazon.

“Warriors Heart is a very special thing. It is the only place that I’ve ever experienced where I can be 100 percent myself,” said Spooner, who is former special forces and prominently featured in the documentary.

Today, Warriors Heart remains the only private and accredited residential treatment program in the United States exclusively for “warriors” (active-duty military, veterans, first responders and EMTs/Paramedics) struggling with substance abuse, PTSD, mild TBI and other co-occurring issues.

“We really want to break the stigma that our warriors have to be tough, and it’s not ok to get help,” said founder Lisa Lannon, who is former law enforcement. “It is ok and makes them stronger. It makes them stronger for their families and communities once they get rid of the emotional wounds,” she said.

In addition to the auction, the foundation accepts deductible donations to help with hardship grants that assist covering the cost of treatment at Warriors Heart.

The anniversary celebration is scheduled through May 5. More information and celebrations will be shared on social media channels and