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Bulldogs fall short against Wimberly

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  • Lady Bulldog Gabriella Barrera goes head to head with a Lady Texan during Friday’s loss to Wimberly. BULLETIN PHOTO/Tracy Thayer
    Lady Bulldog Gabriella Barrera goes head to head with a Lady Texan during Friday’s loss to Wimberly. BULLETIN PHOTO/Tracy Thayer

The Lady Bulldogs suffered another setback at the hands of the Wimberley Lady Texans. The Texans beat the Bulldogs by a score of 73 to 32 on Friday night at the Competition Gym in Bandera. The Lady Bulldogs started strong but fell farther behind as the night went on. A combination of passing errors, poor shooting and questionable calls by the refs made for a hard night on the court.

During the first quarter, Stella Calderon made an excellent dribble and turned up the lane to draw a foul from the Lady Texans. She put two in the basket to put the Bulldogs on the scoreboard ahead of the Texans at the six-minute mark. Calderon was targeted by the tall Lady Texans for special attention, and she found herself roughed up and, on the floor, throughout the game by the Texans physical manner of play. The Texans finally found the basket at the 5-minute mark. Cameryn Oullette showed a lot of hustle and came away with some good rebounds. Gabby Barrera also showed her potential during the first quarter. Katie Dibrell, Summer Haby and Taylor Hamilton all went to the foul line but only made one of their two opportunities count. Calderon went for three from downtown to keep the Bulldogs alive. The quarter ended with the Bulldogs at 8 points to the Texans’ 21.

Katie Dibrell started the second quarter with a three and Cameryn Oullette came out fighting for the ball with the rowdy Texans. Summer Haby took a hard charge that knocked her down. She rubbed her head but continued to play which shows the toughness of Bandera’s players. Stella Calderon kept up the heat on the Texans offense. She made several key plays with Haby. Gabby Barrera put in a two while Avery Oullette drew a foul. Avery Oullette, Calie Tripp and Cameryn Oullette all showed their fighting spirit during the second quarter by going after the Lady Texans at every turn. The second quarter ended with the Bulldogs at 19 to the Texans at 34.

Coming out of the half, the third quarter proved to be frustrating for both teams as the ref’s called a double T on them. Calderon came out with a steal that resulted in a goal and came back for another basket against the Texans. Cameryn Oullette drew a foul that resulted in two singles from the foul line. By the middle of the quarter the Texans were showing 48 points from some hot shooting on their end of the court. The Lady Bulldogs’ shooting especially at the foul line was disappointing. At the end of the third, the score was Bulldogs 26 to Texans 52.

The last quarter of the game showed that Haby had her feet back under her as she shot two goals for the Bulldogs. Calderon was on the move and added a basket to the scoreboard. A save by Gabby Barrera in the corner off a Lady Texan player was mature strategy play. The Bulldogs and Texans earned another set of technical fouls but where the Texans got the two points, the Bulldogs could not get the ball to find the goal. The game came to end with the Texans scoring 73 points to the Bulldogs’ 32.

This game was one of the most physical this year. The refs had too many committee meetings at center court to determine what call they were going to make. And the combination of the Bulldogs’ lack of successful shooting with Wimberley’s hot hand at the basket, all came together to make for another rough night for Bandera.