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Why Christ’s death is celebrated

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We are rapidly approaching the Christian Holy Week, beginning on Palm Sunday and culminating on Easter. Included in that week is what we call Good Friday.

I was recently asked by someone why that day is called “Good Friday.” Since we believe that the Christ was crucified on that day, how then can it be “good”?

My answer was an easy one to make.

Yes, we believe that on that day Jesus Christ suffered a terrible and painful death on the cross. To a non-believer that would appear to be an act of defeat, that our Savior lost the battle with the devil when He died on the cross. And I believe that Satan whopped in glee and joy, believing that he had won, and we Christians had lost the battle.

But in fact, just the opposite has taken place.

God states that the wages of sin is death, and He demands that that terrible penalty be paid. We ourselves cannot pay that penalty because we are still sinful and to try to pay that ourselves we end up in eternal damnation.

But God had a wonderful solution for us.

He sent His own Son, Jesus Christ, God become a man, in order to die for us on the cross. A terrible price had to be paid for our sin, and God Himself paid that price on the cross, taking all our sin upon Himself, that now we have no sin left that we must pay for ourselves. Our sin has been replaced by His righteousness, and now we are forgiven by God because all our sin has already been paid for.

This is why “Good Friday” is good: through Jesus Christ, who died on that day we have been reconciled to God. All we can do is thank God that in that terrible price He paid for us, we no longer stand condemned, but are now His redeemed children. For this we can thank God and praise Him for this tremendous love He has shown us, His beloved children.

And three days later, Easter Sunday arrives.