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When to leave the party

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We have all been there before. We arrived hours earlier at a well-intentioned gathering of peers, acquaintances and friends, otherwise known as a party. The evening might have started out awkward, but midway through, spirits are festive, memories are being made and fun is flowing!

With everyone in the heights of enjoyment, why not turn it up a notch!

Afterall, if the times are good, why not go full throttle and live life to the fullest!

In theory, this is all well and good. However, in practice I am beginning to learn the delicate art of knowing when to leave the party.

Sometimes the writing is on the wall. Perhaps too many party goers are making reckless decisions.

For example, if there is a keg along with partygoers chanting “chug”, that is usually a cue that it’s time to call it a night.

Other times, it’s just a feeling. Perhaps your instincts begin to tell you that the space you are holding is no longer yours to hold.

The party can be poppin’, with snacks, music, and memories galore, but perhaps your heart is telling you that there is something different, more suited for you somewhere else.

Perhaps you cannot even put your finger on it, you are just unsettled and find yourself daydreaming about the next unknown adventure.

That is exactly where I find myself this summer. Circumstances beyond what I could have imagined led me to the Bandera Bulletin.

I became part of a team of highly inspirational coworkers.

I grew to consider them more than business associates, but friends.

As the Advertising Representative, I had the unique experience of being paid to explore the town and learn about various businesses and members of the community.

I discovered that not only is Bandera one of the most beautiful secrets of Texas, but the residents are some of the kindest humans I have ever been blessed to meet.

Months passed and I found myself very partial to my situation. I had stumbled into a party I did not want to leave!

And just like seasons, circumstances can change. As much as I love the current party I am attending, I have found additional opportunities that are more aligned with my long-term vision for my future and the future of my family.

It is time for me to leave one party in pursuit of hosting a party of my own.

So, as I look around and admire the Banderan view one last time, please know that my time here will always be appreciated.

The memories I made will be deeply treasured and I will continue to be grateful for all the lessons, acquaintances and friends I acquired while attending the party of a lifetime.