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What Does the Fourth Mean to You?

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Editor’s Note: Columns from county political parties in the Bandera Bulletin were removed shortly before I came on board as Managing Editor. I supported that decision (still do) and have no plans to retread it here. Political columns are welcome at the Bulletin as long as they focus on issues that affect Bandera and the surrounding community. As always, I am thrilled to receive contributions from the community and welcome all submissions regardless of political party or stance, fully reserving my right to choose what content the Bulletin wishes to print. Feel free to contact me at

Well, your favorite Deplorable is back. Before I get into this article, I want to thank the Bandera Bulletin for allowing us to publish these articles and the previous staff writer for writing articles for us for such a long period of time. Thanks, Bob.

Is the 4th just another holiday where you get together, BBQ, drink beer and have a good time in the greatest country in the world? Do you remember or care what led up to this single point in history? Today. Our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, and arguably the greatest country in written history came into existence.

Have you ever thought of how our Founding Fathers were able to come up with such insightful and superb documents as our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution?

No, I do not believe these documents were written by space aliens. They were written by citizens just like you and me that had been living under the yoke of tyranny and oppression and longed to be free

. Free. Mankind has strived to be free since the beginning of recorded history and you have been lucky enough to be born into a Country and at a time when you wake up every day in a free Country.

As a former soldier that has been all over the world, I will tell you that this Country is the exception when it comes to freedom.

Now I am going to express my discomfort with many of the citizens of Bandera County. You have been given the most precious gift that I can think of. A gift that millions and millions of men, women and yes children have died for over the centuries. And now when the very freedoms and rights that all those that have come before us have fought so hard for are in jeopardy. Where are you?

Did you like your latest property tax appraised value rate increase? No. What have you done about it?

What did you do when a San Antonio backed lobby wanted the State to pass a law that would allow them to put a meter on your well and charge you for your own water?

Your elected officials say one thing and make you promises and then renege on those promises, and you look the other way. Last week I saw a female on National News lobbying to change the U.S. flag because she said it did not represent all citizens of this Country. Keep in mind that the flag she wants to get ride off covers the dead bodies of those that died for your freedoms even as she was speaking. How dare she. Where was your outcry?

Your Country, your way of life is under attack from within from people that do nothing, they contribute nothing, yet they believe they should be allowed to change how you live and worship. Are you a sheep, a slave, do you have no shame? You had better wake up and get involved. I believe Thomas Jefferson once wrote when you give up a few of your rights for convenience’s sake you soon have none.

Last year I heard a friend of mine from this County say “yes we have our fair share of problems within this County, but just look at Bexar County” I thought about that comment and then got mad. What does Bexar County’s many problems have to do with us? They are mostly urban; we are mostly rural.

What about right and justice. Does that still exist? There is a small group of conservative citizens in this County that fight every day for your County, your State and yes, your Country. Are you going to let them do your job?

Fight your fight. Your County, your State and yes, your Country needs you more than ever. Get involved. As we say in the Army. Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.

As always, I like to close on a positive note.

Tonight, when you look up at the moon and stars that shine on a free Country think of all those hundreds of millions of souls in foreign lands in places you cannot pronounce that would die to be in your place.

Give thanks for your family, to our Founding Fathers and most importantly to God.