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We are better than this

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As this column is written, fortifications are going up around our national capital and in twelve state capitals including Austin, Texas in preparation for a “political demonstration” scheduled for 18 September 2021. The nature of the demonstration is to protest the arrest and detainment of persons who stormed our Capital building on 6 January 2021 and attempted, by force, to take over the building and the government of this nation.

The original protest in January was because the demonstrators believed that Donald J. Trump had been cheated out of the leadership of this country by a false election process. No matter that these claims were discounted by state voting officials many times. The sad truth for Trumpsters was that their man lost, and lost by a significant margin.

Despite the admission from Republican leaders that the vote had indeed been honest, the defeated candidate claimed otherwise and his minions encouraged the disillusioned to gather in Washington to take back their government. So from all over the country they gathered, listened to inflammatory rhetoric from leaders who knew better, turned into a howling, dangerous mob and set off. Assured by Trump he would stand with them, they swept in waves of anger and hate to capture the ballots of the electoral college and overthrow the election. In a murderous surge, chanting hate, brandishing weapons, flying Trump banners, they stormed the police guard and entered the Capital. The country watched in horrific fascination as the tragedy played out in live coverage. It was an insurrection. People were killed. People were badly injured. Lives were changed forever. Our national psyche was scarred. Our international reputation was stained.

Thanks to the heroic actions of law enforcement officers, the insurrection was stopped. However, the mental cost to these brave men is still being paid. Four of the officers have since taken their own lives. Many are suffering from Post-Traumatic Syndrome. Fortunate for all of us, against the wishes of Republican leadership in the House, a commission was named to find out what happened. Five of the heroic officers appeared on national television and told about their experience. Every true American patriot felt their pain and admired them courage. Now we wait for the committee to fully investigate who did what and when and present the facts. We will not be governed by mob rule and the law of the jungle. No one needs to explain what happened. Watch the videos. We only need to know who planned this insurrection and why they thought they could fool the entire nation with their hate and fear.

It can only be hoped as you are reading this the bogus protest on the 18th did not repeat the shame of the January insurrection. We again ask those who saved our nation on the 6th of January to stand again and maintain order, and pray no more lives are lost in a ridiculous lie. We are better than that. We are Americans. Let’s act like it.

Gary Moore, Bandera County resident, is a Texas State University graduate, former English and football coach, journalist, script writer and photographer.