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We are all tools

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In Acts 9:15, God calls Saul his instrument, his tool, for carrying His word to the non-Jews. I have many tools in my workshop, and each one has a specific purpose. If I try to use a screwdriver to drive a nail, I will probably damage the screwdriver. In like manner, God has called Saul (Paul) into a specific ministry which no one else is called to fill.

Each and every Christian is also called into some form of ministry. For some this may be into the ministry, into evangelism, or into teaching, but for most Christians it is most likely a ministry to that person’s family, his close friends, or to the community.

The ministry may be to be a good husband, or father, or mother, or brother, or next door neighbor. Maybe you know someone who is experiencing a personal loss or crisis who needs a friendly word of encouragement.

And the kindest word we can offer someone is the assurance that God loves them regardless of their situation.

However, when someone is in a dire situation, extremely hungry, or cold, or suffering in some way, just to tell them God loves them does not help them in their immediate situation.

So while we are assuring them of God’s love, we are also to be doing something to help alleviate their immediate problem

Jesus was healing the sick at the same time that He was proclaiming the Word of God. So when you encounter someone in need, do what you can to help them with their immediate need, and at the same time assure them of God’s love, that in Jesus Christ their sins have been forgiven.

Jesus Christ died on the cross to take away the penalty for our sins. We deserve to die for sins we have committed, but Jesus paid that penalty for us, as our substitute so that we may receive His promise that as He arose f out the dead, we also will rise f out the dead to live in His kingdom forever.

We all are God’s tools, to be used according to His needs. Be alert to those situations where your abilities may be used to bring God’s good news to someone near to you.