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Thoughts on Ukraine. our Republican Primary

March 09, 2022 - 05:00
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It’s been just over a week since the Republican and Democrat primaries were completed. But before we recap the results and explore what’s next, I want to comment on Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Russian President Putin has launched a devasting and unprovoked attack on the sovereign nation of Ukraine. With a population of 43 million, Ukraine is the second-largest country in Europe. Ukraine gained its independence in 1991 following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. While Ukrainian oligarch’s, much like Russian oligarch’s, are corrupt, the people of Ukraine are those we should be focusing on. They are the true victims of the Russian evil tyrant. I heard several of my favorite conservative commentators this weekend describing the situation as not so black and white. There is propaganda coming out of both nations as expected in any war. Be careful what you read and don’t buy into all of it. There are evil doers in both countries. Americans needs to be wise in how we view the overall situation.

However, in this instance, one truth is crystal clear - Putin is an evil tyrant and the Ukrainian people are being senselessly attacked. America must act in helping the absolute victim of this senseless war.

One of the most obvious ways we can help and should have done months ago was to stop sending millions of dollars to Russia in exchange for oil.

A recent article from the Heartland Institute reported, “America sends Russia $74 million per day for oil imports… and 36% of Russia’s government budget comes from oil export revenue.” As Americans we are essentially helping fund Putin’s war on Ukraine. This is crazy!

Living in the oil rich state of Texas, which, alone, has the capacity to produce over 41% of our nation’s oil, we as Texans know our citizens should never have to rely on another country for our oil supply. Especially not a country ruled by an evil tyrant.

Last fall Governor Abbott told the Biden administration to leave Texas energy sector alone and we would be able to get the supply chain going with much less disruption and much less cost. Unfortunately, Biden didn’t listen and now here we are!

Let’s also not forget one of the very first actions Joe Biden took as president was to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline. It’s common knowledge the pipeline was one more step in securing America’s energy independence.

“During the Trump administration, the United States became a net exporter of oil. For logistical reasons, America still imported oil from Russia, but America could – if necessary – turn off the Russian spigot and replace Russian oil with U.S. oil. Under the Biden administration’s war on domestic energy production, that has changed. America no longer produces enough oil to cover our needs and would have a much more difficult time replacing Russian oil imports.” (Heartland Institute)

Now America has, once again under democrat leadership, become dependent on foreign energy. Namely Russia. How in the world does that make any sense? Now, the decision to stop buying oil from Russia in our efforts to help Ukraine, will leave Americans paying astronomical prices for gas and other products simply because Joe Biden made this terrible decision all in the name of ‘climate change.’ At this point in history, I would argue climate change matters little if Americans and the world at large suffers a global nuclear war! The damage to humanity, much less the planet will be catastrophic!

As for our small neck o’ the woods, the voters have spoken, and the results are in.

Congratulations to all our local, county, and statewide primary election winners. Now it’s time for all Republicans to unite and get behind our victorious candidates to insure a victory for them in November. We are indeed fortunate that we live in both a state and county where all our elected representatives are Republican, but that won’t continue if we aren’t unified and all on the same page. Our fight is always against the left and their attempt to ‘change’ all that is good in America.

While the primary for all these candidates is over, there will be run-off elections for those candidates who didn’t receive at least 50%+1 on March 1. On the state level the following candidates will be facing off: For Attorney General - Ken Paxton and George P. Bush, for Land Commissioner-Dawn Buckingham and Tim Westley, for Railroad Commissioner-Wayne Christian and Sarah Stogner, for Senate District 24- Pete Flores and Raul Reyes.

Locally, we will also have elections for our Republican Precinct Chairs who make up the Bandera County Republican Party.

The run-off election will be May 24th.

I’ll end with a big thank you to all Republicans who worked on behalf of their favorite candidate and to all Republicans who turned out and voted March 1. Your vote is your most precious liberty, one you must guard and use in order to keep it. Look no further than Russia’s evil attack on the freedom loving people of Ukraine to realize how important our right to vote is.

Lynn Haueter is the Bandera County republican Party Chair. This column does not necessarily represent the opinion of the Bandera County Republican Party.