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Renewed call to seek out facts

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In response to a Letter to the Editor, Bandera Bulletin, July 1, 2020, from Jodie Sinclair Ms. Sinclair begins criticizing Robert Johnson’s Republican column (June 10, 2020) as misleading or misquoting fact. Mr. Johnson’s opening paragraph clearly makes known his opinion on information he has read or has knowledge of regarding Antifa.

In closing of the above letter, she appears to support our First Amendment Right of Free Speech. She encourages every American to check the opinion of others to avoid incomplete or misleading information.

I absolutely agree.

I would humbly and sincerely encourage Ms. Sinclair to follow her own sage advice in fact checking. Looking at Forbes publications to verify integrity is probably not the best source for this information. Making huge sums of money requires many attributes but no necessarily integrity.

Because militant rioters do not wear T-shirts emblazoned with Antifa does not mean that organization is without some responsibility.

There is an age old, tried-andtrue formula for solving many mysteries and most questions: Follow the money.

Americans are known to be some of the most generous people in the world. See all the charities, nonprofits and organizations in this country and the enormous amounts of money they generate.

Many people do not realize that most, if not all, of the above support each other. So if you donate to any of them, look deeper than the surface.

Who and where does your money go from there? It might quietly trickle from one to another several times before it lands in a coffer you may not even recognize.

Because this is on subject, I am going to challenge the reader to read the book “The Truth Behind Black Lives Matter Movement (and the War on Police)”. Author Ron Martinelli, PhD, forensic criminologist. This book should be required reading for anyone privileged to vote.

The book contains a wealth of knowledge on more than the BLM and it is chilling, all facts documented and vetted, most are public knowledge. Dr Martinelli encourages the readers to “investigate on your own . . . Don’t take my word for it.”

Knowledge is power and we all need to arm ourselves. Because we don’t like the facts does not negate the reality.

We are living in dangerous times, and we had best be making sound, well-thought and intelligent decisions because those decisions are going to have far and long-reaching consequences.

Sable Golden