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Editor’s Note: The following letter was submitted earlier this year, but it got lost in our spam folder. Since we strive to print every letter we receive, we are printing it this week.

My July Article that I submitted in Aug. is a little longer than the 5 sentences that Ms. Sinclair got printed in her 'Hogwash Article' of 9/14. But not as long as of the 'Spectacle Article' by Gag Cornblower; Opps, Gabe Hornblough, I misread his name. He must have a Thesaurus that is 15 inches thick.

Jody Sinclair was right in her July 13th article 'Kick the Can'. It was a Hot July.

The National Weather Service did record the hottest July on record with 17 cities having temps of 104 to 111 between July 11th and the 14th with lows in the 80's at night.

The string of hot days was deady. 30 people died in Springfield, Ill. alone from the heat. For 20 others it was contributing factor. Nationally over 5000 died from the heat.

The drought destroyed crops from the lack of rain and parched the earth and killed vegetation. The heat turned the plains into a furnace. The heat was funneled northward across the Upper Midwest and into the Great lakes. Rivers were drying up in Texas.

She heard stories as a kid that came true. Floods and wildfires. A wildfire in Bandon Oregon killed 11 people. By the way, the National Forest Service states that 90% of forest fires are caused by humans. The Potomac floods and kills at least 93. Playing outside was gone.

The sky was falling for sure and the world was ending for many. Especially if you were of a certain income level or education or color or of a certain faith.

Because that July of 1936; Hitler continued to show the world that he was not afraid of anyone and pushed his Aryan Superman Doctrine. He was a proud supporter of Margret Sager and supported 'eliminating undesirables'.

While over in California, the home of Columbia University; police were setting up roadblocks on the main highways to keep out the 'undesirables' looking for work in that State.

The democratic founded Klan had a strong presence in Orange County CA even though the depression had an adverse effect on its numbers throughout the US.

Yes, sadly people do cover up the truth. Sometimes the truth is covered up by not reporting all that affect an issue.

Just ask Hillary, Comey, Clapper, Brennen, Strzok, Ohr, Rice or Yates.

As far as Bandera's Water Worries addressed in the August 17th column supposedly all caused by climate change droughts according to Jodi Sinclair; here is some information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. According to a study by their scientists and colleagues, LaNina was the most important factor to Texas and the Southern US drying out. It started in 2010 and human induced climate change was responsible for maybe 1 degree of the total 5 degree increase in temperature. Nature factors and LaNina drove weather patterns and increased the risk of drought and heat in Texas. Their study shows that even in the absence of human caused climate change that weather over Texas will be substantially hotter and drier than observed in the historical record. No, I am not saying that we do not need to conserve water and do not need to have responsible devolvement. If they have already sold 285 tracts of 5-10 acres and plan to sell 500 tracts and only have 1700 acres, then the other tracts will have to be an acre or less. just 285x5=1425 acres That just leaves them 275 acres or less to sell. So that would mean more people and more water use in my opinion.

By the way, Ms. Jodi, Republicans also worry about water, but we will help protect your right to live on your 4 acres with water for personal survival.

John Schuetze Lives in Bandera Texas Observing Water Restrictions