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Memorial Day honors the men and women who died serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. It is a day for Americans to remember and honor the heroes who laid down their lives to preserve our freedoms.

We can all join and pay tribute to those who died during military service with the National Moment of Remembrance, a minute of silence, 3:00 p.m. local time.

Further, we can thank and support their surviving loved ones.

This Memorial Day, let’s unite with family and friends and appreciate our freedoms. Let’s reflect on our history, remembering those who gallantly fought and died for each of us. Their courage and sacrifice will always be honored across this great state, nation and in our hearts.

To all our Texas veterans, please know you have our gratitude and unwavering support every day of the year.

- Laura Koerner

Texas Veterans Commission Chairwoman

U.S. Navy Veteran

I refer to the recent letter by Sylvia Metzinger in the May 12 edition which discussed the exclusion of the Lakehills community in the county-wide COVID vaccination effort. Like Ms. Metzinger and others, my wife and I never received a call from Bandera and were forced to take advantage of the Boerne/Kendall County vaccination program. In fact, many Lakehills citizens not vaccinated by neighboring jurisdictions have been attended to by Dr. Shelly Kohlleppel who stepped up to quietly and efficiently fill a public health void by unselfishly volunteering herself, staff and facilities for the medical benefit of the community.

Dr. Kohlleppel placed drop boxes with vaccination request forms in local businesses so that anyone could easily get on the list of those interested. Her staff then made phone calls to schedule individual vaccination services. Dr. K donated all the organizational effort and medical services. She has gone beyond her Hippocratic Oath to prevent serious disease in the wider community. Lakehills can be proud of her. I hope that the rest of Bandera County learns to appreciate the resiliency and accomplishments of the Lakehills community as exemplified by Dr. Kohlleppel.

- Don Stader


In the May 19 bulletin, Mike Olive made this comment in his letter to the editor: “Now days, in the Republican party, you have to agree tosupport Trump’s Big Lie.” This is a terrible mistake many people aremaking today: associating EVERYONE of a given group with the position of one person in that group. Just because I am a member of the RepublicanParty does not automatically mean I support everything Donald Trump issaying and doing. As a matter of fact, there are many members of the

Republican Party, myself included, that are very disappointed in Donald Trumps’ current actions, and will not support any Republican Party positions that support Donald Trump at the present time. So PLEASE do not embarrass yourself by making blanket statements that are non-supportable and obviously a lie. You only end up being laughed at, with your entire letter being considered to be suspect of any validity.

- Richard H. Snyder

Bandera, TX