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The King is Coming

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Last week we began a suggested process for eventually starting to pay down our very high 34 trillion-dollar deficit in this generation, avoiding kicking the problem down to our children to begin paying a much higher deficit. We continue the process.

In Our Proposal to lower our federal budget, I remind you of the promise of one of our candidates for President in the 2016 campaign to eliminate 3 federal departments at a substantial savings, putting their responsibilities under another department.

Another issue we will need to tackle, important, sensitive to some and incongruous to others and that is our financial standard of living. Now, the American dream being pushed and craved is to become wealthy so you can buy anything you want. Friends that is not what America is about. We are a middle-class society and proud of it. That is the America that was victorious in World War 2, the middle class and lower income folks.

It is to support rich people, rich corporations and wealth-seekers that so much of federal reserve cash is being printed that increases the deficit. Instead of being enslaved to the markets, become enslaved at loving our neighbors and loving sport events paying middle class ticket prices to watch middle class athletes.

Ask your neighbor to help you keep your older car for a couple more years. We need a new American dream in line with the teaching of our church, and we may be joyfully surprised at the lower level of stress, depressions and drug use in our families. (Remember 60-70 years ago. We lost our middle class way in the 1960’s.) If we do, I believe Jesus will be pleased when He returns.

Modern conservative living means frugal, intelligent and capable. Modern means unique expression: décor, architecture, patios, gardens, outdoor games and more. No maid’s quarters. More next week.