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The King is coming

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Editor’s Note: This is the latest in an ongoing series.

God is in control, and He is shaking the nations including the United States.

Israel and Palestinians backed by Iranian financed terrorists are moving towards war.

Russia has exposed America’s internal vulnerability by a malware cyberattack against our East coast gasoline pipeline. They have also moved their military to the border of their former nation of Ukraine.

China has moved aggressively into nations of Africa and Latin America to make them dependent upon China economically. North Korea and Iran are both increasing their nuclear ambitions.

Deep inflation unchecked in the U.S. often brings violence. The median sale price of a house by the end of 2020 had risen to $359,000, and still rising.

The price of lumber has increased 250 percent since April 2020. There are now more real estate agents in the U.S. than houses to sell according to the Nat’l Assn. of Realtors.

People are pouring into our country on our southern border from unstable countries having corrupt governments often financed by drug cartels spawning criminal gangs. These abused migrants are mostly unskilled and uneducated, and they seek asylum status. If granted, they will join the rest needing a home which none of us can afford. The result is feelings of hopelessness and of violence.

In Mathew 28:19-20 Jesus commands us to go into all of the nations and make people disciples of Jesus. Since we have mostly not carried out this command seriously, it could be concluded that God is bringing many of the poor and needy to us from nations around the world to make them disciples of Jesus here before He returns.

We experienced deep inflation near the end of the 1970’s which our government brought down through raising interest rates from 5.5 percent to 19.5 percent deflating prices but causing 2 recessions. We will need to increase our 0 percent interest rates today.