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I Decide What You Will Do

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Well, here it is early October and early voting is about to begin. More stuff to add to your busy day.

Should I spend the effort? With all the voter fraud does my vote count. Does anyone care or give a sh--? I will try and answer those questions. Yes, you should vote, and a lot of people care and are fighting each day for your constitutional rights. Congress is trying to put language in their next Bill that would require all banking institutions to notify the IRS if there was a $600 or more transaction. To what end? They say it’s to catch tax evaders. All banks already notify the IRS if there is a $10,000 or more transactions. More and more control over your assets. To accomplish this task, they want to hire thousands more IRS agents to harass you to dig into your personal life. However, they are continually defunding police and other Law Enforcement Agencies that protect the citizen. Austin TX just announced they will no longer responds to non-emergency calls, but they still hand out traffic and speeding tickets. They still provide security to the Mayor and City Counsel but, not you. I tried to confirm this information with the Austin PDs Public Information Office, but they would not respond. So, I guess your safety does not count and they don’t feel they are accountable to anyone. The only thing that counts is control over you.

The 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (military budget) has a requirement in it to require all females to register for selective service (AKA the draft) when they turn 18. Last time I looked the military did not have a problem enlisting women. Why? Plain and simple its all about control by the liberals. They will give you excuse after excuse on why they need to do this but it’s just another mechanism to control all aspects of you and your families’ personal lives. As the adage says, “If It Aint Broke Don’t Fix It”. So, let’s look at this like a normal human. First, they want to control all aspects of your personal finances almost down to the penny. Now they want to control all your children. Control after control after control. What is next? Take your house and property and put you on a State-run work farm. This is the same way it started with Hitler and other self-appointed dictators. We are living in a strange time. You can no longer afford the luxury of just going to work each day and raising a great family. You must now become a patriot, a defender of our constitution and our way of life.

As I have said before the United States Constitution is literally the greatest document in the history of the world. But it is still just ink and paper. For it to LIVE it must derive its energy from you the citizen. It must feed off you, you must be willing to sacrifice for it and at the end of the day you must be willing to give your life for it, if need be. Then and only then can you be free. A tall order for my Hill Country friends. But if there is anyone up to this challenge it, is you.

So, back to the original question should I vote? Yes, yes and yes again. Short of all out rebellion and revolt this is the preferred method. The method your Constitution prefers. So go to the polls this month Show those liberals who we are, show them that they cannot trample on our Constitution, our flag or our Country.

As always when I close, I take time to reflect. I have painted you an extremely ugly picture. A picture that I am sure has been viewed by millions of people through the ages. What we are seeing is nothing new. There will always be evil, injustice and tyranny. It is up to us to stop it here and now and maybe just maybe we can put a permanent end to this insanity once and for all.


Conrad Striegl is the Bandera County GOP Secretary and Bandera County Precinct Chair 102. He resides in Pipe Creek.